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CPG Company

Sabra dives deep into Amazon campaign automation with Pacvue

The Challenge  The hummus and other dips category is incredibly competitive on Amazon. Sabra knew they needed a more efficient way to reach their customers, but they also needed to pursue every touchpoint possible if they wanted to overtake their competitors in the category. That meant they needed to pursue a full-funnel approach, using all […]

Home & Consumer Products

Spectrum Brands achieved campaign scale and improved ROAS by over 200% 

Overview  Hear from Kristina Mueller, National Account Manager at Spectrum Brands, on how they use Pacvue Share of Voice reporting, Excel integration, and bid automation to power their eCommerce advertising. Also learn about how quickly they were able to get up and running with Pacvue and the support they’ve received along the way. 


Tuft & Needle combats CPC spikes with Pacvue

Overview  Tuft & Needle (“T&N”/ is a Phoenix-based company that is the pioneer and leader among direct-to- consumer mattress startups. The company was founded in 2012 by JT Marino and Daehee Park to create exceptional mattress and bedding products and revolutionize the customer sleep experience. T&N has served more than 1 million happy sleepers and […]

Baby Formula

Reckitt boosted ROAS by 91% with Pacvue and AMC insights

Overview  Reckitt, a leading consumer goods company, faced a challenge with their advertising strategy on Amazon. Enfamil®, a leading brand in the baby formula industry, wanted to increase its sales and brand awareness among new parents in the United States.   The Challenge  The current media mix was spread across search and display ad campaigns, but […]

Health & Wellness

Olly Multivitamins reduced CPC and improved campaign performance with automated dayparting

Overview   Olly Multivitamins, a trusted leader in the Health & Wellness category faced a challenge with their campaigns going offline during peak shopping hours on Amazon, leading to missed sales opportunities and hindered performance in the multivitamin category. To address this issue, they implemented automated dayparting with Pacvue Amazon Stream data, enabling them to optimize […]

Advertising Agency

Leveraging Pacvue’s advanced tools, Oceanwing decreased ACOS by 33%

Overview  Oceanwing, a leading digital advertising agency, partnered with a leading lighting brand to optimize its advertising performance on Amazon. By harnessing the advanced tools and features offered by Pacvue, Oceanwing implemented a comprehensive strategy to increase profitability and lower the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS), and improve organic ranking. This case study highlights the […]

Baby Food

Reckitt streamlines cross-retailer campaign advertising with auto campaign rules

Overview   Reckitt, a leading consumer goods organization, encountered difficulties in consolidating and overseeing retail operations for a primary brand, Enfamil®, the #1 infant formula recommended by pediatricians. Reckitt needed a well-integrated approach to manage their campaigns across Amazon and Instacart. A solution that could centralize and streamline the management of their expanding products, including functions […]

Consumer Electronics

NOTHING achieved a 64% sales increase and 95% ROAS improvement on Amazon across 5-European markets with Witailer and Pacvue

Overview  NOTHING is a consumer electronics brand that was founded in 2021 in London England. The brand has quickly grown its product range from earphones to smartphones as well as expanded its geographic reach globally. They began selling on Amazon in late 2021 and took on Witailer to help scale their operations outside of the […]

Health and Beauty

Poméol achieved a +71% ROAS boost with dayparting and automation

Overview  Poméol®, a French Health and Beauty Brand, needed to optimize its limited campaign budget post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By implementing dayparting and automation, Poméol maximized ad spend and drove sales ahead of the Christmas Shopping Period. Deeploy, a French Amazon Ads Advanced Partner Agency, leveraged the Pacvue Advertising Platform to execute an automated […]

Health & Wellness

Oceanwing improved TACOS & ROAS with Pacvue Commerce for a leading wellness brands

Overview  This case study showcases how Oceanwing, a top agency in the advertising industry, leveraged Pacvue’s advanced commerce platform to optimize the TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and customer engagement performance for a leading wellness brand. Through the strategic utilization of Pacvue’s features such as Rule Library, Dayparting, and Bid Explorer, Oceanwing successfully implemented […]

Marketing Agency

Publicis Media achieved a 140% increase in sales for L’Oréal by harnessing the power of Pacvue Solutions to revolutionize their advertising efforts

Overview  Publicis Media, a prominent marketing agency overseeing L’Oréal, a global cosmetic giant, harnessed the power of Pacvue Solutions to revolutionize their advertising efforts. Together, they optimized campaign performance, curbed out-of-budget expenditures during pivotal sales events, and mitigated brand cannibalization on competitive keywords. In this collaboration, Publicis Media implemented a multifaceted strategy utilizing rule-based budget […]

Health & Wellness

A leading consumer health company leveraged Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library and increased ROAS by 85%

Challenge: A leading consumer health company faced the challenge of quickly optimizing its Amazon advertising campaign performance. They aimed to allocate spending to media-worthy ASINS while increasing ad sales, making their advertising strategies more efficient. They also sought to improve Conversion Rate (CVR), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Average Order Value (AOV) within 30 days. Solution: […]

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