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Duracell recovers $1M+ revenue in 6 months with Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery service

Duracell Revenue Recovery


The battery industry giant, Duracell, needed a solution to help manage several initiatives related to chargebacks and disputes on Amazon. Duracell’s Director of eCommerce Sales, Rachel Goldman, chose to partner with Pacvue to utilize our Commerce Solution – specifically the Revenue Recovery service to resolve co-op recovery. Since then, Duracell has been able to recover over $1 million in revenue within just six months.

The Problem

When managing a supply chain operation with multiple promotion, accrual, and delivery contracts, challenges can easily arise. Maintaining financial efficiency and growth potential requires joint advertising program audits and precise, quick chargebacks. Additionally, there’s a missed opportunity in co-op recovery, which reveals inefficiencies in recovering funds from cooperative advertising programs. Like many brands selling online, these problems posed challenges to Duracell.

The Solution

Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery service offered a seamless solution to Duracell’s co-op discrepancy problems. By identifying, tracking, and recovering expensive accounting and logistical mistakes from outside parties, this automated procedure helps brands avoid needless fees and penalties.

Pacvue effectively recovered over $1 million of otherwise lost revenue within six months, with little assistance from Duracell. Additionally, Duracell attained a remarkable 93% Total Quantity (QTY) Success Rate, which is well above the average FBA success rate between 1% and 27%.

“Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery was the seamless and successful solution we needed for resolving our co-op recovery problem, allowing us to recover over $1 million in a matter of six months. Working with Pacvue alleviated the burden of billing and allowed us to focus on business growth,” said Duracell’s Director of eCommerce Sales, Rachel Goldman.

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