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Leveraging Pacvue’s advanced tools, Oceanwing decreased ACOS by 33%

Leveraging Pacvue's advanced tools, Oceanwing decreased ACOS by 33%


Oceanwing, a digital advertising agency, partnered with a leading lighting brand to optimize its advertising performance on Amazon. By harnessing the AI advertising tools and features offered by Pacvue, Oceanwing implemented a comprehensive strategy to increase profitability and lower the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS), and improve organic ranking.

The Solution

Oceanwing sought to achieve significant improvements in the lighting brand’s advertising performance. The team needed tools to drive enhanced results and increase the brand’s profitability, lower the ACOS, and improve organic ranking. To accomplish this, Oceanwing leveraged Pacvue’s comprehensive suite of AI advertising tools. These included Share of Voice, Keyword Harvesting, ASIN Harvesting, Rule-Based Optimization, and Dayparting.   

Their strategy focused on maximizing advertising resources, increasing low-funnel traffic for improved conversion, targeting the correct audience, optimizing ad structure to drive brand traffic, and targeting relevant keywords with optimized ad materials. 

The Results 

Through the combined efforts of Oceanwing and Pacvue, the lighting brand achieved outstanding results: 

  • 20% decrease in Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS), falling from 10% to 8%.   
  • 33% decrease in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) dropping from 18% to 12%.   
  • Boosted the organic ranking of their top-selling product from outside the top 100 to within the top 20. 

These results signify a substantial improvement in cost efficiency and profitability for the brand. 

The collaboration between Oceanwing, the lighting brand, and Pacvue proved highly successful in addressing the challenges faced by the brand’s advertising campaigns. Through the implementation of Pacvue’s advanced tools and the execution of a comprehensive strategy, Oceanwing achieved remarkable improvements in profitability and cost efficiency. The notable decrease in TACOS and ACOS underscores the effectiveness of the strategy in driving enhanced advertising performance.   

“Pacvue is truly dedicated to creating an advertising system that is meaningful and beneficial to eCommerce businesses.” – Joy Zhang, Director of Advertising, Oceanwing Service Limited 

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