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Filorga sees double digit growth across media metrics with full-funnel approach using Pacvue’s AMC integration


Filorga, a premium beauty brand, collaborated with Labelium, an international digital strategy agency, to enhance the brand’s Amazon advertising strategy. Together, they leveraged Pacvue’s advanced solution to increase presence on Amazon and adopt a full-funnel approach within the premium beauty category.

Filorga and Labelium achieved:

  • 45% increase in monthly unique impressions. 
  • 51% increase in monthly detail page views. 
  • 15% increase in monthly purchases.
  • 30% increase in incremental monthly ad spend.

The Challenge

Filorga’s main challenge was to find effective advertising strategies to boost reach and conversion rates on Amazon. They needed a comprehensive measurement tool to evaluate the impact of their combined DSP and search efforts, optimize ad spend, and allocate an increased budget effectively.


The Labelium and Filorga teams utilized Pacvue’s Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to achieve comprehensive measurement across their Amazon advertising endeavors. By leveraging AMC’s detailed reporting and visualization features, they were able to:: 

  • Measure Advertising Impact
    • Use AMC to track the effectiveness of increased ad spend on reach and conversions. The tool’s detailed reporting allowed the teams to measure the impact of all campaigns in a comprehensive manner, ensuring every dollar spent contributed effectively to their advertising goals.
  • Optimize Ad Spend
    • Identify the best-performing advertising strategies to maximize ROI. Pacvue’s AMC dashboard provided actionable visualizations and reports on a scheduled, automated basis, helping the teams to easily compare monthly performance and identify trends.
  • Understand Overlap and Synergy
    • The AMC overview report showed the overlap audience between Sponsored Ads and DSP. This insight helped the teams understand that improving the overlap between these ad formats would drive stronger advertising performance. They also gained a deeper understanding of the role each ad format played in increasing overall reach on the Amazon platform.
  • Adjust Campaigns Strategically
    • Pacvue’s AMC Marketing Funnel revealed that the teams were not scaling their reach as much during key promotional events in 2023. In response, they made strategic adjustments to their Sponsored Ads campaigns by implementing generic Sponsored Brand Video ads and competitor conquesting ads, significantly increasing their reach by 45%.
  • Target Custom Audiences
    • Utilizing AMC’s custom audiences through DSP, the teams improved their conversion rates by targeting specific groups such as cart abandoners, sponsored ad clickers, and multi-product viewers. This targeted approach ensured that advertising efforts were directed towards high-potential customers, increasing the efficiency of their ad spend.
  • Track and Showcase Improvement
    • Pacvue’s AMC overview report showcased the improvement in awareness, consideration, and conversion goals. These detailed insights were crucial for demonstrating the success of the campaigns and securing additional budgets to continue their growth momentum on Amazon.


In 2024, Filorga experienced impressive results with just a 10% increase in average monthly ad spend. The company observed a 45% increase in monthly unique impressions, a 51% increase in monthly detail page views, and a 15% increase in monthly purchases compared to 2023.

These improved metrics throughout the marketing funnel played a crucial role in helping Filorga achieve its sell-in and ordered revenue goals for 2024. This success prompted a 30% increase in incremental monthly ad spend on Amazon.

Filorga intends to continue utilizing Pacvue’s reporting and incorporating additional features to further bolster growth on Amazon.

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