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Poméol achieved a +71% ROAS boost with dayparting and automation

Poméol achieved a +71% ROAS boost with dayparting and automation


Poméol®, a French health and beauty Brand, needed to optimize its limited campaign budget post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By implementing Pacvue’s dayparting and automation, Poméol maximized ad spend and drove sales ahead of the Christmas shopping period. Deeploy, a French Amazon Ads Advanced Partner Agency, leveraged the Pacvue Advertising Platform to execute an automated campaign with specific dayparting rules. With a focus on sponsored products and brands, Poméol was able to increase conversion rates. Despite being in the competitive health and beauty category, their ROAS improved by +71%, outperforming other brands without a dayparting strategy.

The Challenge 

Poméol faced the challenge of generating sales during Cyber-5 and the following week while competing in a crowded health and beauty category with limited organic traffic. Supply chain and inventory management were crucial during peak sales periods, along with presenting a consistent and trustworthy brand image throughout the shopper journey. 

The Solution 

Deeploy focused on Sponsored Product campaigns based on broad and exact match keywords, recommended by Pacvue, to maximize sales to customers who had seen or engaged with previous ads. Despite the shift to bottom-funnel conversion, the brand maintained a 0% change in New-to-Brand customers compared to the prior week. Poméol achieved its desired strategy by launching an optimized retargeting campaign following Black Friday and Cyber Monday events with both Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display based on Pacvue’s keyword recommendations. 

The Results 

The dayparting campaign performance of Poméol France on Amazon FR, from November 27, 2022, to December 7, 2022, significantly outperformed other brands managed by Deeploy without a dayparting strategy. Poméol’s success is reflected in their impressive ad spend and performance for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Their paid and organic share of voice (SOV) performance for branded keywords was remarkable, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by Pacvue and Deeploy. 

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