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Accelerate Your Profitability with Commerce Solutions

Accelerate your profitability with Pacvue's Commerce Solutions, including our AI-powered technology, Revenue Recovery. Increase profits, save time, and maximize profitability with professional dispute management, through our connected, all-in-one platform.

What is Revenue Recovery:

Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery Team will step in to handle the manual tasks involved in reconciling Amazon invoices and managing disputes, reducing profit leakage. Our AI-powered service leverages a blend of proprietary technology and industry expertise to help our clients identify and correct accounting errors, such as over-billing and deductions. This dispute management improves profitability by preventing unnecessary charges and fines.

Results with Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery


Revenue Recovered for Clients


Avg Co-op Dispute Success Rate

Avoid Lost Revenue & Increase Profitability with Revenue Recovery

Pacvue's Revenue Recovery assists with managing Co-op Discrepancy, Invoice Shortage, Price Claims, and Chargebacks.

  • Co-op Discrepancy

    Automatically reconcile Co-op agreements with POs to identify discrepancies with a fully automated process that ensures accuracy and eliminates errors.

  • Price Claims

    Automatically identify disputable invoices via unique invoice number and comparing with Cost Price doc via Vendor Central.

  • Invoice Shortage

    Automatically identify disputable invoices via unique invoice number supported by BOL, which is loaded within Pacvue.

  • Chargebacks

    Work closely with the Pacvue team to identify invalid charges, along with the evidence required to dispute. The Pacvue team will then proactively help identify Supply Chain issues.

"Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery was the seamless and successful solution we needed for resolving our co–op recovery problem, allowing us to recover over 1 million in a matter of six months. Working with Pacvue alleviated the burden of billing and allowed us to focus on business growth.”

Rachel Goldman, Director of eCommerce Duracell

Gain insights into areas that may be overlooked for potential profit recovery. Pacvue serves as an extension of your team.

Real Time Dashboard

Track what's been disputed and what's been successful.

Effortless Automation

Simplifies recovery with automatic identification and resolution of Amazon charge discrepancies​.

Flat Percentage Pricing

Receive a free audit. After a one-time activation fee to onboard, you only pay us based on the total amount of revenue recovered.

Low Touch, High Reward

Pacvue offers reliable and easy to understand data, an efficient process, and regular progress updates.

The Road to Revenue Recovery: Onboarding Process

Leading brands trust Pacvue for Revenue Recovery

The complete Pacvue Commerce Solutions suite

Additional solutions to operationalize your data and improve efficiency

Brands can leverage Pacvue to operationalize their retail execution by providing predictive and prescriptive recommendations to address critical gaps and capture opportunities. Through our Pacvue Commerce platform, teams can prioritize their work around content updates, inventory management and promotion strategy, and focus on the areas that will make the biggest impact for their overall business.

  • Domestic 1P Seller Business Analysis Software

  • ASIN Problem Detection & Resolution

  • Sales Forecast

  • Shopping Cart Tracking

  • Price Tracking

Accelerate your business with Pacvue Commerce

Increase profits and save time through reporting, diagnostics & tracking.

  • 100-300 Hours

    Save 100-300 hours per year with Pacvue Commerce reporting capabilities

  • 200-500 Hours

    Save 200-500 hours per year using sales volume diagnostics

  • 85+ Hours

    Save 85+ hours per year using the Lost Shopping Cart feature

  • $6-18 Million

    Increase revenue by $6-10 Million using Lost Shopping Cart feature


Pacvue Commerce Solutions

Pacvue Commerce Solutions

Pacvue Commerce Solutions

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