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Sabra dives deep into Amazon campaign automation with Pacvue

How Sabra increased sales per conversion with Pacvue's Share of Voice solution


In order to compete in the very competitive ‘hummus and other dips’ category on Amazon, Sabra knew it needed a more efficient way to reach customers. The brand also needed to pursue every touchpoint possible if it wanted to overtake competitors in its category. Knowing that it needed to pursue a full funnel advertising approach, Sabra turned to Pacvue to help scale and educate its team on best practices along the way. After implementing Pacvue’s advertising automation, Sabra increased sales per conversion by 12%.

The Solution 

During July and August 2021, Sabra leveraged Pacvue’s customizable automation, keyword research, and campaign recommendations to help the brand scale its full funnel advertising approach. By using Pacvue’s rule-based automation to set specific optimization strategies, such as adjusting bids for target ACOS, it was able to hit growth goals while maintaining costs. Sabra also used Pacvue’s proprietary Share of Voice tool to make sure they were bidding on the most important keywords in their category and measure improvement in their rankings over time. As a result, Sabra saw a 12% increase in Sales per Conversion. 

“The Pacvue team is absolutely amazing partners to work with, and their tech is top-notch. The ability to dive deep into our search campaigns beyond what we normally get with retailers or ad networks is really great. We can automate rules, implement day parting, get a ton of insights, and ultimately optimize to get better results than what we had in the past.” Dennis Katnelson, eCommerce Lead at Sabra. 

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