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Expand reach across marketplaces

Pacvue enables retail media management across a wider array of retailers than any other technology, unlocking greater visibility while revealing new commerce opportunities

Amplify your brand on dozens of channels

Unify your omnichannel advertising strategy across every major marketplace and dozens of regional and niche retailers.

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Advertise across a wide array of global retailers and marketplaces

A global network of marketplace & retail partners

  • Accelerate growth with a comprehensive platform built to optimize your strategy and operations.

  • Enjoy complete integrations for leading retail sites including Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Kroger, as well as for emerging marketplaces and ad platforms like Criteo and CitrusAd.

Amazon Advertising

  • Pacvue is the #1 Amazon solution, empowering brands, sellers, and agencies to programmatically manage and optimize their advertising. Pacvue is listed on Amazon Seller Central.

  • Whether it's advertising through Pacvue's Advertising solution or managing disputes via our Commerce solution, our platform helps drive smarter decisions. Dive into our insights and automation across Search, DSP, AMC, and organic business channels.

  • We'll streamline your processes and arm you with performance insights to succeed in the competitive landscape.

Walmart Connect Advertising

  • Elevate your Walmart strategy with our all-in-one retail media solution.

  • From Sponsored Products to Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Videos support, plus advanced automations, you can power your growth and measure the real impact of your ads on online and offline sales.

Instacart Advertising

  • Take your Instacart strategy to the next level with our powerful solutions.

  • Our partnership with Instacart allows you to streamline your processes, provide extra insights on performance and the market, so you can make savvy decisions.

  • Plus, we'll supercharge your data abilities with fully customizable interactive visuals and automated reporting.

NOTHING, a UK consumer electronics brand, achieved +64% sales improvement, a 15% reduction in spend, and gained a considerable number of New to Brand customers, after implementing Pacvue's platform.

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A leading consumer health company increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 250% after just 4 months of leveraging Pacvue's platform to direct spend toward retail-ready products using the 1P Buy Box rule and Weeks of Coverage rule

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“Instinct has been able to execute numerous high impact test & learns to inform our paid search and display media strategies. These learnings, combined with direct access to our data for performance measurement in a dynamic, customizable dashboard, has enabled us to grow sales and reach while driving efficiencies and share of voice gains.”

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Kroger Advertising

  • Unlock the full potential of your product listing ads on Kroger, enhanced by landscape signals.

  • Gauge the true impact of your ads on both online and offline sales.

  • Elevate your retail media strategy with seamless automation leveraging performance and landscape signals for insightful optimization.


  • Elevate your Target strategy with our comprehensive commerce suite.

  • Streamline budget automation, campaign optimization, and reporting, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

  • With integrated performance and landscape insights, make informed decisions to maximize your results.


  • Enhance your Criteo experience with the Pacvue platform.

  • Our expanded offering includes automated budget management, pricing, alerts, and support for all API-enabled Ad Types.

  • Plus, with our advanced data capabilities, you can easily consolidate all cross-retail ads into one user-friendly dashboard.


  • Amplify your CitrusAd impact with our customized solutions.

  • Explore the depths of advertising optimization with specialized features like Dayparting, Platform and Page Placement Bid Modifiers, and Change History log.

  • With our advanced data capabilities, gain deeper insights into performance to drive informed business decisions.

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