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Streamline retail media advertising to expand your brand

Bring sales, retail, and advertising data from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Target, and other marketplaces together in one place. See your campaign performance side-by-side and aggregated, giving you a full-funnel view of performance.

Reach new customers, lower costs, and grow sales

Uplevel your retail media strategy with centralized campaign management powered by automated workflows and advanced analytics.

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Drive more conversions with dayparting & automated rules

Unlock the potential of your advertising campaigns with Pacvue's advanced Dayparting functionality. Tailor your advertising strategy by optimizing bids, campaign status, and placements during specific hours of the day.

  • Improve campaign efficiency.

    Optimize ad performance and cut inefficiencies by reducing bids during low-converting hours. Save your team valuable time for more impactful tasks.

  • Drive incremental advertising sales.

    Increase bids during peak sales hours to capture more conversions and increase spend efficiency.

  • Easily manage real-time bidding.

    Prevent campaigns from exhausting their budgets early by pausing or reducing bids during off-peak hours.

Measure your brand's share of voice on demand

Effortlessly analyze your share of traffic against top competitors. Track brands, keywords, and ASINs over time to gauge the impact of your advertising campaigns.

  • Expand your brand's reach.

    Track Share of Voice (SOV) to understand how your brand compares to your competitors in terms of impressions, clicks, and sales. Measure over time to see if your advertising campaigns are having an impact on your brand’s reach online.

  • Optimize for mobile share of voice.

    Analyze mobile-specific Share of Voice data, identify peak conversion times, and adjust bid strategies for improved mobile ad performance.

  • Stay ahead of your competition.

    Take control of your brand's online presence and stay steps ahead of your competition. Monitor your your brand compares in Share of Shelf, Paid SOV, SP SOV, SB SOV and Organic SOV.

Gain actionable recommendations and insights tailored to your business

Generate customized reports, personalized to your business, and easily distill insights from hundreds of different KPIs to measure your advertising performance based on your complex goals.

  • View insights in real-time.

    Aggregate critical KPIs across all retail sites in a shareable, real-time dashboard.

  • Automated insights sent to your inbox.

    Elevate your advertising performance in Pacvue's Ads Platform with automated insights, and send them directly to your inbox for timely alerts.

  • Gain deeper insights on the customer journey.

    Integrate with advanced platforms like Amazon Marketing Cloud to get deeper insights on the consumer shopping journey far beyond the last touch attribution model, and pull data directly into Pacvue's dashboards.

Reach new customers with comprehensive Research Tools

Expand your retail media reach with keyword and audience research tools which show you new targeting opportunities that overlap with your top performing retail media campaigns.

  • Create custom audiences more efficiently.

    Create audiences from within the Amazon DSP console, to target niche audiences. Users can begin their audience creation using two inputs, ASINs or Keywords, to unlock new opportunities to connect with potential customers.

  • Uncover net-new keywords to target.

    Use Pacvue's Keyword Research and Holiday Keyword Research tools to find net-new terms to target that overlap with your high performing campaigns. Automate keyword research with Pacvue's Keyword Harvesting automated rules.

  • Uncover insights from Competitor Research Tools.

    Track competitors' products and maximize your portfolio performance by focusing on what delivers the most value, from coupon and promotion status to keyword and share of voice analytics.

  • Utilize Product Research Tools for additional learnings.

    Product Research tools are an essential way to collect data on a wide variety of metrics that are crucial to launching and sustaining a successful business – utilize Pacvue's PAT Research, Category Intelligence and Helium 10's Product Research Tool Suite.

“Pacvue has been key to scaling our premium pet food brand’s Chewy Sponsored Products program. Sales volume and efficiency have improved notably since onboarding. Campaign management is streamlined, allowing the Merkle and client teams more time to focus on big picture strategy and optimizations. Pacvue’s unique SOV reporting has also helped inform strategy with more visibility to competition."

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Nestle Purina ran many Prime Day deals across their portfolio on Amazon and utilized Pacvue to scale operations, resulting in 79% increase in return on ad spend

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