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360° Omnichannel Commerce Management

Merge retail media and commerce operations into a single source of truth, empowering you to uncover—and act on—new opportunities to drive profitability, incremental sales and market share growth.

Understand, navigate and dominate your market

Commerce is increasingly complex; Pacvue illuminates the most critical insights impacting brand growth into one centralized view. Leverage rule-based automations and AI-powered recommendations across advertising and operations to slash time spent on manual work, prevent revenue loss and allocate ad spend efficiently.

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Accelerate profitability

Reveal new paths to profit with product research and forecasting that drive better decisions for revenue growth.

Drive incremental sales

Zero in on the most effective ways to reach customers with retail media advertising, share-of-voice analysis and closed-loop reporting.

Grow market share

Gain a competitive advantage and lead your product category with smart, measurable sales and marketing strategies.

Advertising Automation

Fully optimize your workflows by enabling rule-based automation at each step of the retail media management lifecycle—from launch to expansion.

  • Rule-Based Automation

    Configure rule-based advertising optimizations that integrate with your digital shelf, allowing you to improve performance efficiency.

  • Budget Allocation Management

    Automate your monthly and daily budget pacing based on customized account and campaign goals, while remaining in control with minimum and maximum budget thresholds.

  • AI-Based Campaign Optimization

    Leverage Pacvue's smart AI capabilities to automate your campaign optimizations based on your complex performance goals.

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Improve ROAS 40%

Brands see an average 40% improvement in ROAS after 30 days of using Pacvue automation

30% increase in CVR

Pacvue helps brands see a 30% average increase in conversion rates

Save 92% more time

Teams leveraging Pacvue's platform can see 85-92% time saved in campaign creation

Digital Shelf Optimization

Drive more sales across online marketplaces by identifying the right detail page content, and maintaining healthy inventory levels and 3P ecosystem visibility.

  • Brand & Product Auditing

    Identify product detail page gaps when standards are not met. Surface improvements, including title length, number of images, videos, number of bullets, product description and enhanced content.

  • Ratings & Review Monitoring

    Understand customer sentiments by tracking product feedback within your ratings and reviews.

  • Buy Box Monitoring

    Manage important variables with highest Buy Box impact to stay on top.

Retail Media Management

Pacvue’s platform allows you to optimize your brand's retail media management with automated workflows and advanced analytics.

  • Dayparting & Automated Rules

    Dayparting & automated rules enable you to automate optimizations previously done manually for a more dynamic advertising strategy.

  • Share of Voice Insights

    Share of Voice measurements allow for advanced understanding of your brand’s position in the market.

  • Customized Reporting

    Custom reporting enables you to have a deeper understanding of the KPIs that matter most to your brand.

Ecommerce Sales Management

Pacvue centralizes data from disparate sources into one platform. Break down silos between sales, operations, and retail media, and unlock a full view of commerce performance.

  • Sales Forecasting & Measurement

    Forecast consumption with precision, leveraging machine learning across multiple time frame run rates, seasonality, Buy Box ownership, and predictive inventory.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Aggregate purchase order and inventory information, enabling quick analysis and identification of items requiring forecast adjustments.

  • Alerts & Automation

    Configure alerts and automations across key areas impacting sales performance, from Buy Box ownership, to purchase orders to ad clicks.

  • Dispute & Chargeback Management

    Automated ticketing systems monitor your ecommerce health and file tickets with retailers on your behalf, saving hundreds of hours of manual work and resolving challenges in record time.

Commerce Data Intelligence

Pacvue's platform aggregates commerce data from all relevant sources, providing a single solution that surfaces opportunities to accelerate your ecommerce footprint and performance.

  • Keyword tracking

    Track product relevancy by allowing Pacvue to crawl keywords provided.

  • Competitor tracking

    Provide a list of competitive products and let Pacvue report on price, sales rank, estimated units sold, listing changes, and promotions.

  • Share of Voice Measurement

    Track the share of search of your products and brands based on a set of keywords provided.

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