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Optimize your digital shelf to accelerate sales

Identify the most impactful improvements to your ecommerce presence, and turn insights from digital shelf analytics into actions that drive incremental sales.

Ensure retail-readiness, achieve sustainable growth

Leverage Pacvue's platform pinpoint the most effective enhancements for your brand to elevate its performance, whether it’s increasing conversion rates on a product detail page with the right content or sending tickets automatically to retailers to resolve product status issues.

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Lead the competition with brand & product content audits

Ensure SKUs are retail-ready. Pacvue will monitor all SKUs and surface which need listing optimizations, helping you to maintain a high content health score.

  • Ensure SKUs are retail-ready.

    Pacvue will monitor all SKUs and surface which need listing optimizations, helping you to maintain a high content health score.

  • Automate content updates to improve campaign performance.

    Automatically replace poor performing SKUs with SKUs that have better detail page content or ratings, higher inventory rates or positive Buy Box stability so that you can keep performance on track.

  • Track competitor content to stay ahead.

    Understand how your content quality stacks up against your competitors, ensuring you can win more sales.

  • Uncover a treasure trove of organic keywords.

    Pavue's Hidden Keyword Opportunity Finder goes beyond the surface, revealing nuanced keywords that enhance your product's relevancy in the market.

Understand customer sentiment and product issues through ratings & reviews analysis

Track product ratings and reviews to analyze customer sentiment trends—including verbatim comments—enabling you to address feedback early and mitigate their impact on sales and advertising performance.

  • Identify frequently mentioned keywords.

    Harness AI-driven sentiment analysis to identify frequently mentioned keywords. Track review scores and address any challenges before they start hurting sales.

  • Minimize the impact on ROAS.

    Pause ads when review ratings or conversion rates fall below a certain threshold.

  • Monitor product review performance.

    Keep tabs of product reviews for deal eligibility and advertising budget allocation.

Own the Buy Box with smarter monitoring

Integrate Buy Box tracking with advertising and monitor Buy Box ownership, enabling you to lead the competition and prevent spending valuable advertising dollars on driving sales from low inventory items or third party sellers.

  • Maintain control to drive profitability.

    Maintain control of every Add to Cart moment by monitoring the 3P ecosystem, price history, and rate of Buy Box ownership by brand, product, and seller.

  • Monitor lost sales.

    Constantly monitor lost sales to determine the Buy Box weight on revenue, allowing you to prioritize accordingly.

  • Leverage automations to win the top spot.

    Surface and resolve issues that put you at risk of losing the top spot. Avoid lost revenue by automatically sending tickets to retailers to replenish inventory and get items re-listed.

NOTHING, a UK consumer electronics brand, achieved +64% sales improvement, a 15% reduction in spend, and gained a considerable number of New to Brand customers, after implementing Pacvue's platform.

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A leading consumer health company increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 250% after just 4 months of leveraging Pacvue's platform to direct spend toward retail-ready products using the 1P Buy Box rule and Weeks of Coverage rule

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“Instinct has been able to execute numerous high impact test & learns to inform our paid search and display media strategies. These learnings, combined with direct access to our data for performance measurement in a dynamic, customizable dashboard, has enabled us to grow sales and reach while driving efficiencies and share of voice gains.”

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