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May 10th Retail Media Roundup

Keeping up with the ever-changing retail media landscape can feel like a whirlwind, right? With new trends and developments always popping up, staying in the loop is key. But don’t fret! We’ve got the latest scoop on the latest retail media trends to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. 

In our May 10th Weekly Retail Roundup, NBCUniversal and Instacart team up to refine audience targeting and campaign impact measurements, while Instacart also partners with Uber Eats for restaurant delivery. Generative AI is giving brands the ability to personalize CTV ads based on consumer emotions, and Walmart Connect is collaborating with Disney Advertising for stronger targeting. And Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has introduced precision audience targeting for Amazon shoppers. Get caught up on these stories and how to start preparing for Amazon Prime Day in our Weekly Retail Roundup.  

NBCUniversal and Instacart are teaming up by merging their first-party data to target advanced audiences and measure the impact of their campaigns across platforms like Peacock and other streaming services. This collaboration expands the initial partnership that started last year, providing Peacock Premium memberships to Instacart+ subscribers. The plan is to match Instacart’s 7 million plus active monthly users anonymously with Peacock’s 31 million subscribers.  

The collaboration marks a growing trend in the retail media industry to merge CPG household sales data with streaming and linear audience data. Industrywide, the desire to get CPG brands better data for advanced audience targeting and measuring sales outcomes from ads continues to grow. 

Instacart Partners with Uber Eats on Restaurant Delivery 

In their second big announcement this week, Instacart will also be partnering with Uber Eats to bring restaurant delivery to millions of its customers nationwide. Through this collaboration, Instacart users will be able to choose from nearby restaurants, place orders, and track deliveries in real-time through Uber. Current Instacart+ members, who already get free deliveries on grocery orders over $35, will also qualify for free restaurant deliveries meeting that same $35 threshold. 

“Through this partnership, Instacart customers now have access to both the best online grocery selection in the U.S. and restaurant delivery, making it even easier for them to conveniently tackle all their food needs from a single app,” said Fidji Simo, CEO and Chair of Instacart. “Whether it’s ingredients for a beloved family recipe, a prepared meal from a nearby grocer or takeout from a favorite restaurant – customers can now get the food they want, from the retailers and restaurants they love, all within the Instacart app.” 

Generative AI Using Emotions to Improve CTV Ad Effectiveness 

Generative AI technology is giving brands the ability to enhance contextual targeting and personalize CTV ads based on emotion. Brands can leverage Gen AI multimodal language models to identify the kinds of emotions that a piece of content generates and make recommendations for the type of creative ad that will resonate emotionally with viewers.  

Brands are looking at Connected TV (CTV) as a key platform to reach new audiences and deliver personalized ad experiences. With the help of Gen AI, brands are refining their targeting strategies to deliver the right ads to the right people. This enhances the CTV ad experience for viewers and improves ad performance and campaign results. 

Walmart Shopper Data Will Soon Feed Targeted Ads on Disney+ and Hulu 

With the announcement of the strategic partnership between Walmart Connect and Disney Advertising, advertisers can now use Walmart’s shopping data to target Disney’s streaming platforms, which include Disney Plus and Hulu. 
Walmart Advertisers will also be able to match the retailer’s shopper data with Disney’s proprietary ‘Audience Graph’ tools, helping them target audiences and measure data better. Testing of the newly forged partnership will start sometime in Q2 across categories like consumer electronics, automotive, apparel, and more.

Pacvue Insider 

Updates to Amazon Marketing Cloud 

For the first time, Amazon Marketing Cloud audience data enables you to build highly targeted campaigns aimed at Amazon shoppers who’ve already engaged with your product. Unique shopper journey analysis paired with extensive attribution modeling means you can create optimal cross-channel ad campaigns by activating these audiences with Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) ads. Learn how to discover, create, and target AMC Audiences with Pacvue.  

From understanding the power of AI-driven personalization to navigating the growing influence of social commerce and leveraging the reach of connected TV, the opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences on Prime Day continue to expand. Read our latest blog to learn about the top trends for Prime Day 2024 and how your brand can capitalize on them. 


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