CES 2024 Unlocked: Essential Takeaways & Highlights

CES 2024 is officially a wrap, and whether you were racing between meetings in Las Vegas or catching up from the comfort of your home, the Pacvue team was on the scene to cover the most important events. During the event, there was a notable emphasis on innovation centered around sustainability, reflecting the technology industry’s response to evolving societal standards. Here are several noteworthy takeaways from CES 2024, encompassing insights from keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibition booths, and discussions in the hallways. 

Defining the Next Era of Beauty Technology 

L’Oréal CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, took the stage for beauty companies’ keynotes, unveiling several significant announcements. He introduced new digital health products including the Meta Profiler, NEXA, and Microsoft Teams Virtual Make-Up. Hieronimus emphasized L’Oréal’s commitment to innovation saying “”invention and transformation has been at the heart of our DNA,” while showcasing wearable technology like Scentsation. Another highlight was the Water Saver, L’Oréal’s latest sustainability initiative. 

Walmart’s Vision for the Future 

During his CES 2024 keynote session, Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, outlined a transformative vision for the future, unveiling several innovative initiatives that are set to reshape the retail landscape. These include AI-Driven shopping experiences such as an AI-powered Exit Experience at Sam’s Club, Shop with Friends, InHome Replenishment, and Retail Search powered by generative AI. Walmart’s generative AI tool, “My Assistant,” will become more widely accessible to associates worldwide. McMillon also highlighted Walmart’s commitment to sustainability by significantly expanding solar usage, aiming to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for households. This reflects Walmart’s dedication to a people-first future and contributing to a better world. 

Walmart Activations & Connections Hub 

Walmart is keeping its focus on the future with the introduction of a 4D Experience known as Walmart Activation. It’s a mini ride that takes you into the future of Walmart and delivers to your door via drones. The Connections Hub serves as a meeting space designed for partners and clients to engage in discussions about the future. The unique environment allows for collaboration and exploration of upcoming trends and opportunities. 

Amazon Experience Activation 

In conversations with Jeffrey Cohen, Principal Evangelist, and Emerson Sklar, Chief Evangelist, of Amazon, the two expressed their enthusiasm about how ambient intelligence is poised to unlock greater freedom, convenience, and possibilities for everyone. The core concept of activation revolves around leveraging technology to simplify life, allowing individuals to focus on family and what truly matters. The activation journey spans from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed, showcasing advanced technology that can detect actions like coughing and automatically adjust air settings and activate humidifiers for optimal comfort. 

Amazon Ads Storytelling Panel and Ludacris After-Dark Concert

In a discussion on storytelling hosted by Carly Zipp, Global Director of Brand Marketing at Amazon Ads, the panel, featuring Christian Juhl, Global CEO of Group M, Lauren Anderson, Head of AVOD Original Content & Programming at Amazon Studios, Ronald Gladden, TV Personality, and Stephanie Chang, VP of Content & Global Editor at The Trust, WSJ, shared their favorite impactful books and explored the evolution of storytelling across various mediums. Stephanie Chang emphasized the audience’s desire to hear relatable stories, stating, “The audience wants to hear from people like them. Let that be the story.”

Amazon Ads maintained an energetic atmosphere with their After-Dark concert series featuring Ludacris, who delivered a performance of his number one hits and favorites from the 2000s. Ludacris showcased his enduring appeal with crowd-pleasing hits like “My Chick Bad,” “Act a Fool,” and “What’s Your Fantasy.”

Kroger Precision Marketing

In the realm of food and grocery retail, Kroger is embracing innovation to enhance the customer experience, aiming for frictionless and inspiration. Cara Pratt, Senior VP of Kroger Precision Marketing, shared insights at CES, highlighting the significant role AI plays in Kroger’s current strategy. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of offerings and tapping into its data science capabilities, Kroger is fostering a more connected experience between brands and customers. Brands utilizing Kroger’s AI-based audience strategy observed a notable 26% increase in incremental ad spend for their campaigns. Pratt emphasized the opportunity to make ads more relevant, connected, and supportive of customers’ lifestyles, catering to preferences ranging from healthier choices to convenience for those leading busy lives.

Alibaba.com’s Smart Assistant

Alibaba.com introduces new AI features to the Smart Assistant on its global sourcing platform. The Smart Assistant serves as an AI-powered guide, aiding small business owners in discovering opportunities, staying updated on trends, and managing orders efficiently. Launched in September 2023, the Upgraded Image Search and Smart Request for Quotation (RFQ) features have proven beneficial. Users of Upgraded Image Search experienced a 28% higher deal closing rate, and those using Smart RFQ received 29% more quotes from suppliers. Suppliers, in turn, saw a 21% increase in buyer responses to quotes compared to the original RFQ process. To promote entrepreneurial spirit, Alibaba.com has also initiated the “Entreprenuts” campaign, in which Helium 10 is participating. 

Expo Hall 

LG made a visually stunning reveal at CES with the introduction of transparent TVs. The LG Signature OLED T can switch between transparent and opaque modes. In transparent mode, it can display art, videos, and data while allowing you to see through it to the surrounding room. When it’s time to watch TV, the display transforms, deploying a contrast screen that showcases only the on-screen action. The transparent TV concept opens up new possibilities for integrating technology seamlessly into living spaces. Explore the future of transparent TVs here.

Connections Hub Chat with Destaney Wishon 

Our own Cassandra Craven caught up with Destaney Wishon in Las Vegas, and among the various topics, Walmart Marketplace’sannouncement of Brand Level Targeting took center stage. This expanded bidding offering from Walmart aims to empower agencies, providing them with improved capabilities to compete and secure market share from competitors. This shift in Walmart’s strategy aligns more closely with Amazon’s bid strategy, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the e-commerce landscape. 

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Sam’s Club MAP: Leveraging Brand Amplifier

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and trends, organizations are recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation. Sam’s Club is aligning itself with the latest advancements, enhancing its MAP offering through Brand Amplifier. These innovations aim to create additional touch points for brands to connect with members, simplifying the sales process for advertisers and enhancing overall convenience for the customer experience.

During a conversation between Pacvue’s Ryan Doody and Trent Chavez from Sam’s Club MAP, they explored the details of Brand Amplifier. The discussion covered the required creative assets, key advantages, and new metrics associated with leveraging the power of Brand Amplifier.

Conversation Takeaways

Highly Visible Sponsored Product Ad Placements

Brand Amplifier positions advertisers at the forefront of search results pages, providing prominent visibility for their logo, tagline, and directing members to dedicated brand pages. Advertisers can showcase one to four items simultaneously, and the Cost-per-Click layout ensures that advertisers only incur charges when members click on their ads. 

Grow Share of Voice

Reach members where they are and how they prefer to search. Brand Amplifier facilitates the process of building brand awareness and generating product consideration. Leveraging strategic placements of Sponsored Products, you can dominate more than half of the share of voice on a page, capturing consumer attention before they even scroll. By incorporating organic placements in the initial rows, there’s potential to secure over 80% of a page’s share of voice. 

Offers Offline Sales Attribution 

One of the intriguing features of Brand Amplifier is its ability to attribute offline sales. As Sam’s Club members engage with ads and proceed to make purchases, advertisers can track the entire journey from start to finish. This feature provides valuable brand metrics, offering businesses insights into the impact of Brand Amplifier. 

Easy Creative Setup

Initiating Sponsored Ads with Brand Amplifier is straight forward and user-friendly. Utilize your existing brand assets to kickstart the process. To begin, you only need a logo, a tagline, a URL for redirection, and one to four items you wish to highlight.

Flexibility for All Advertisers

Brand Amplifier is a versatile tool designed to accommodate advertisers of all sizes. Offering the flexibility to promote one to four SKUs, advertisers have a range of options based on their objectives. For smaller advertisers, the ability to launch and promote a single item to consumers is a viable choice. On the other hand, larger organizations can curate a list ofSKUs and promote them to members, fostering basket building. 

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To learn more about the key advantages of Brand Amplifier, watch the full interview with Trent Chavez on YouTube.  

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Pacvue Expands Advertising Partnership with Instacart to Support New Shoppable Ad Formats

Pacvue, the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, today announced an expanded partnership with Instacart Ads to offer new ad formats. Their combined capabilities equip brands to drive more sales on the Instacart platform through targeted retail media advertising.

As part of the agreement, Pacvue now has direct access to the Instacart Display & Video API to help brands drive visibility and sales through engaging shoppable experiences on the Instacart platform. With the integration, advertisers can manage their Instacart Shoppable Video and Display ads through Pacvue for seamless optimization, budget management and consolidated reporting with their other sponsored advertising campaigns.    

“We’re always on the lookout for partners who can bring their expertise and industry insights to the table, and execute successful advertising strategies for our brand partners,” said Suzanne Skop, Head of Agency Partnerships at Instacart. “That’s why we’re excited to continue our work with Pacvue – a major player in the field, whose platform empowers brands to harness the full potential of Instacart Ads to stay on the cutting edge and achieve great results.

Through the expanded partnership, Pacvue and Instacart will jointly pursue development opportunities. Members of the Pacvue team have completed Instacart training to provide best-in-class campaign management support to clients.    

“We’re honored to be able to call Instacart a close partner of Pacvue for nearly three years and counting,” said Melissa Burdick, President at Pacvue. “As the retail media needs of brands become more omnichannel, full-funnel and targeted, we’re looking forward to continuing to bring innovative advertising solutions to market with Instacart.”  

A green circle with white textDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Instacart recently named Pacvue a Preferred API Partner, demonstrating the expertise, connectivity and strength of Pacvue’s technology. Pacvue first announced its partnership with Instacart in September 2020, during a period of rapid growth in the grocery delivery industry. Pacvue was one of the first solutions to marketing with API advertising campaign management on Instacart. Both companies continue to partner on events, webinars and product training sessions designed to drive the industry forward through education. Pacvue’s President Melissa Burdick has also joined the Instacart Advisory Council.

About Pacvue

Pacvue is the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, integrating operations, retail media and measurement. The advanced platform supports more than $150 billion in GMV, gives businesses goal-driven insights in real-time, and pinpoints the most impactful moves brands can make to lead in their category. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Pacvue helps companies move faster through their commerce journey.

Boosting Profitability with Effective Amazon Strategy

The eCommerce landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, making it essential for brands and agencies to utilize effective marketing strategies to stay ahead. During a recent episode of Pacvue’s Profitability Unleashed, Caterina Dragà, Amazon Marketing Specialist at FordeBaker, discussed the strategies she helps brands deploy for long-term profitability and improving organic rank.  

Watch the entire video here:  

Understanding Client Goals and Objectives:

Tailored Strategies for Success

Caterina emphasizes the crucial role client goals and objectives plays in developing effective marketing strategies, adding that it’s essentially to understand the core objectives of your client, adding “Answering that question is really important to identifying the right strategy to pursue short-term and prioritize our efforts.”  

By identifying specific goals, such as sales growth or improved profitability, FordeBaker has been able to help brands determine the most effective strategies to pursue and prioritize efforts accordingly.

Adopting a Full-Funnel Approach and Co-Advertising:

Targeting Customers at Every Stage

FordeBaker adopts a full-funnel approach, targeting customers at various stages of the purchasing journey. By combining co-advertising with their full-funnel strategy, they optimize their clients’ advertising efforts and drive profitability.  

“When a customer goes to browse on Amazon, they’re already looking for a product to purchase,” says Caterina. “Our effort is to show them the best product to satisfy their needs.”

Luckily, Amazon Marketing Cloud can make this much easier to execute.

Using Advertising to Improve Organic Rank:

Enhancing Visibility and Profitability

FordeBaker recognizes the significant impact advertising can have for a brand. “Using advertising to improve organic rank can make a huge impact on your profitability long term,” says Caterina, as brands can enhance their visibility on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, driving more sales and improving overall profitability.

Well-Structured Account and Diversified Portfolio

Maintaining a well-structured account with a diversified portfolio is crucial for long-term success. FordeBaker advises their clients to create a balanced mix of promoted products, reducing reliance on a few top performers and ensuring sustainable growth.

“It’s really important to have a well-structured account with a diversified portfolio,” says Caterina. She emphasizes the need “to create a mix of promoted products with a good balance and avoid relying only on a few products that generate the majority of overall revenue.”

Niche Products for Profit Maximization

FordeBaker recommends considering niche products with lower traffic but higher profit margins when planning advertising investments. This strategy helps optimize the advertising budget and contributes to long-term success.

For example, an outdoor gear brand on Amazon might pair their bestselling tents with niche products, such as specialized camping accessories with higher profit margins.  

How FordeBaker Turns Brands into Amazon Best Sellers:

Customized Solutions for Optimal Results

FordeBaker’s success lies in their ability to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of enterprise eCommerce brands. By understanding their clients’ goals and objectives, and working with platforms like Pacvue, they develop world-class strategies that align with their clients’ vision.

Learn more about Pacvue and FordeBaker today. And follow Caterina Dragà on LinkedIn.

Unlocking European Growth with Amazon EEA

Expanding your business into European marketplaces is an incredible opportunity for enterprise brands to reach new customers and boost sales—and Amazon wants to make it easier.

That’s why Amazon just launched its European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) program.

We’ll detail what the program offers, strategies to gain a competitive advantage, and how Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform can supercharge your growth in Europe.  

Let’s dive in.

What is Amazon’s European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) Program?

Amazon’s EEA program is designed to streamline the expansion of sellers into nine European and UK marketplaces. It automates account registration, setup, translation, listing, shipping setup, product eligibility checks, and catalog customizations in just three business days.  

The EEA program integrates existing Amazon tools, such as List-Once-Sell Globally and Build International Listings, making the process seamless and convenient.

Why Should Enterprise Brands Care?

First, because retail media is on the rise in Europe. Despite global economic uncertainty, European retail media shows little sign of slowing down.  

Second, the EEA program simplifies the process of extending your brand’s presence across multiple European marketplaces, allowing your brand to capitalize across a larger, geographically diverse customer base quickly and efficiently.  

Amazon helps remove the logistical hurdles—and your brand campaigns gain exposure to millions of additional consumers to help drive sales and revenue.

Strategies and Tactics for a Competitive Advantage

  1. Thorough Research and Strategy: Evaluate the potential and popularity of your products in each marketplace, analyze competitors, pricing, and performance, and ensure compliance with European requirements.  
  1. Localization: Adapt product listings and provide support in local languages, considering cultural nuances and preferences.
  1. Fulfilment Options: Utilize Amazon’s European Fulfilment Network (EFN) or Pan-European FBA and stay informed about changes in regulations and tax rules due to Brexit.
  1. Advertising: Implement tailored advertising strategies for each marketplace, considering differences in cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rates, competition, and ad budgets.

Next Steps to Leverage the EEA Program and Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform

  1. Ensure your brand is already active in at least one of the European marketplaces: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, or the UK.
  1. Visit your Seller Central page and select a desired marketplace to expand into that region with a single click.
  1. Utilize Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform to assist in research, strategy, advertising management, and content optimization for a smooth and successful entry into European marketplaces.

Streamline Amazon Operations with Pacvue

Amazon’s EEA program, coupled with Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform, provides a powerful, streamlined solution for enterprise brands looking to expand their reach and capitalize on the vast potential of European marketplaces.  

By embracing automation and integration features, as well as strategic research, localization, fulfillment, and advertising in one central location, your brand can simplify the complexity of European expansion.  

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The Rising Popularity of Amazon Marketing Cloud and How Pacvue Makes It More Actionable

Amazon Advertising launched Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) beta in early 2021, a secure, privacy-safe data tool that enables brands to track the entire customer shopping journey on and off Amazon.

With so many brands eager to make data-informed decisions (and faster), Pacvue quickly integrated with Amazon Marketing Cloud to create a self-service dashboard that makes AMC data more accessible and actionable for users.

AMC is unlocking huge growth opportunities for brands looking to drive profitability. This article details why AMC has grown so popular, new features brands can consider, and how Pacvue’s AMC dashboard is giving advertisers competitive advantages in their categories.

Why AMC is Gaining Adoption Among Brands

Advertisers are increasingly requesting access to AMC to analyze Amazon DSP and sponsored ads data together for more holistic data-driven decisions. In fact, AMC has been pivotal in Amazon’s surging advertising business, according to Business Insider.  

By leveraging AMC, brands can gain insights into audience behavior and measure full-funnel media impact to boost sales performance. AMC provides event-level data, enabling custom attribution models and a better understanding of the net contribution of Amazon DSP. Combining Amazon DSP with AMC helps brands better understand their consumers’ shopping journey and achieve their DSP goals.

What’s New with AMC?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has recently integrated Sponsored Brands into its platform, offering brands more comprehensive tools to manage and optimize their advertising campaigns. The integration provides several benefits, including:

  • A more streamlined and efficient campaign management process.
  • Improved audience creation via a SQL statement, allowing brands to create more targeted and customized campaigns based on their goals.
  • Better customization options, giving brands more control over the way their campaigns are delivered and measured.

In addition to the integration of Sponsored Brands, Amazon Audiences has been improved with machine learning to deliver targetable ads on addressable and non-addressable media, reflecting Amazon’s commitment to effective advertising solutions for brands on its platform.

How to Get the Most Out of AMC

To drive the best results with AMC, Amazon recommends working backward by formulating the business questions you want to answer, then anticipating how you will use the AMC insights. AMC can also facilitate cross-functional ad teams, where data analytics teams work closely with marketing teams to plan, discover, and apply insights from the data.

Here’s an example:

A popular fashion retailer is set to launch a line of summer clothing on Amazon, via sponsored ads, sponsored brands, and display ads.  They might wonder how to best optimize the launch.

With AMC, this brand could access demographic data of past customers, popular search terms for keyword optimizations, as well as consumer behavior to inform pricing and advertising choices.

But AMC can be tricky for the average account manager to implement. Read this post to deep dive into how advertisers could make the most of Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Why AMC is More Powerful with Pacvue

Pacvue’s self-service dashboard provides visualized reports with customizable date ranges and user-friendly filtering to help brands make data-driven decisions quickly.  

Reports can be downloaded and securely shared, empowering everyone on the business team to answer pressing questions and craft smart strategies, including:

  • Data Management: AMC offers extensive data, but handling and obtaining valuable insights can be challenging. Pacvue simplifies data management for complex campaigns.
  • Campaign Optimization: AMC campaign optimization requires expertise in Amazon algorithms, bidding, and target audience. Pacvue provides optimization tools to make it easier.
  • Reporting: AMC has limited reporting capabilities, but Pacvue offers robust reporting tools to track campaign performance metrics over time.
  • Efficient Campaign Management: Pacvue’s automation tools streamline the manual effort required to manage campaigns on AMC, making it more efficient.
  • Multiple Channels: AMC is only focused on Amazon, but Pacvue provides a centralized platform to manage and optimize advertising across multiple channels, including Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Not only does the AMC and Pacuve integration make life easier—it also drives results.

OneStone helped Essentia Water improve its Amazon DSP strategy, driving the following improvements:

  • 52% improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 10x lift in purchase rate for audiences exposed to both ad types
  • 3x increase in DSP ad spend

OneStone utilized AMC and Pacvue’s measurement and analytics tools to broaden their media mix strategy.

“Pacvue’s AMC Dashboard gave our team the extra inch of data we needed to justify a diversified media mix approach to advertising. With the Path to Purchase Analysis, Ad Overlap Report, and other out-of-the-box reporting, we could finally measure the full-funnel impact of each ad campaign.” — Chase Arnold, Senior Advertising Lead, OneStone

To succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace, brands need to evolve their advertising strategies. Amazon DSP can help drive growth, but measuring its effectiveness can be challenging. Amazon Marketing Cloud and Pacvue can help map the value of efforts across the funnel, test new strategies, and achieve sustainable growth.

Ready to learn more? Get a demo to learn about harnessing data-driven discovery with AMC and Pacvue today!

Bloomberg Technology: What Does Amazon’s Q4 Earnings Mean for Advertising?

Despite a competitive landscape that is growing fiercer, Amazon’s advertising business has continued to grow. And 2023 presents unique challenges for Amazon.

Pacvue’s Co-Founder and President Melissa Burdick shared her insights on Amazon’s Q4 earnings and advertising growth on Bloomberg Technology. With broader implications for brands advertising on Amazon, Melissa detailed her outlook on innovations and adjustments Amazon will tackle in 2023.

Watch the full video and read transcribed sections below:

Despite recent headcount reductions, it seems like parts of Amazon remain bloated. Do you think they will become nimbler in terms of future hiring and reductions?  

Absolutely. They hired half a million people in 2020, and they have over 1.5 million employees. So, relative to that, 18,000 employees are 1.2% of total headcount and 6% of corporate headcount. And in the face of slowing growth and slowing demand, headcount reduction is something to think about, as they will have to look at their bottom line.  

How will Amazon react across Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Amazon Ads as we ramp into 2023? And does sluggish growth for AWS worry you?

Well, the two businesses at Amazon that are very profitable are advertising and AWS. So, those are definitely areas that they plan on continuing to invest in. They’re definitely both slowing.  AWS’ market share has dropped from 43% to 34%. They have a lot of competition with Microsoft and Google. And right now, all companies are looking at cutting costs. And one of the first places you go to make cuts is AWS. So, I think that is going to be a big challenge this year because companies are looking to be efficient themselves and that will impact AWS.

What’s your long-term outlook on Amazon’s business model, particularly your thoughts on AWS as the fortifying profit center?  

“Amazon has become a services business. It’s over 50% of their revenue across AWS, advertising, and subscriptions. And so that will continue.  

And I think one thing that Amazon is well known for is its innovation. The thing they can’t control is the demand and the cost-cutting part that other people are doing, and that impacts AWS. Advertising is a bright star for Amazon—they’re doing so many things there. Prime video for the first time has surpassed Netflix as the top streaming service. Amazon talked about 100 million viewers watching Lord of the Rings. More people watching streaming means more advertising revenue for Amazon. And so that is a big start for them.”

What’s on the regulatory horizon for Amazon in 2023?

“The DOJ definitely has Amazon as a target. It’s really hard to call them a monopoly with so much competition. They actually have a slipping market share with AWS, but that’s not to say that it’s not going to be a distraction. It’s something they’re going to have to answer. It happened before with private label, they had to answer that. So, it will continue to be something that all of these tech companies are dealing with, but I see less of a leg to stand on.”

NielsenIQ Connect Partner Program Expands with Addition of Pacvue

Chicago, IL – February 1, 2023 – Today, NielsenIQ announced the addition of Pacvue to the Connect Partner Network, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry’s largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers. This groundbreaking addition to the Connect Partner Network builds a direct link between retail media and the omnichannel market.  

With the addition of Pacvue to the program, NielsenIQ Connect Partners will be able to accurately identify online availability gaps at retailers through Data Impact by NielsenIQ’s location-based analytics and insights, optimize and drive sales and media performance at retailers in the Pacvue platform, and measure and quantify the impact of their media investments in terms of share via NielsenIQ omnichannel measurement. For the first time, brands can directly measure the impact of digitally native activity and investments on both in-store and online market share.  

“We are thrilled to add Pacvue to the select group of Connect Partners as we continue to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and CPG industry” said Brett Jones, SVP Global Leader, NielsenIQ Partner Network. “Pacvue’s software suite for eCommerce advertising, sales, and intelligence, combined with Data Impact’s digital commerce, granular location-based analytics and insights will allow companies to drive omnichannel promotion, advertising activations, and grow their business across critical retailers.”

Together clients will now be able to truly connect the value of retail media investments to its actual market impact and answer some of the most sought-after, difficult, and impactful questions the industry has had since online advertising began. How does my investment at Amazon impact other channels? How correlated is ROAS across different keyword types and assets to true incrementality and total sales performance? How effective and efficient is retail media vs. other investment choices regarding capturing market share growth? These questions can now be answered as Pacvue joins NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network.  

“NielsenIQ is recognized as the gold standard in the CPG industry, with brands and retailers already relying on NielsenIQ for valuable macro-level trends, category rankings, competitive insights, and market performance data,” said Melissa Burdick, President Pacvue. “With our partnership, brands will be able to optimize their retail media investments and omnichannel promotional activities at the store level and measure their impact with location-based analytics and insights powered by Data Impact, rule, and AI-based retailer level media and operation engine from Pacvue, and NielsenIQ’s omnichannel category sales and share platform.”

For additional information, or if you are interested in becoming a NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network member, please visit https://nielseniq.com/global/en/solutions/partner-network-become-a-partner/.

For a list of all partners please visit https://nielseniq.com/global/en/solutions/partner-network-find-a-partner/.

About NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ, a global consumer intelligence company, delivers the gold standard in consumer and retail measurement, through the most connected, complete, and actionable understanding of the evolving global, omnichannel consumer. NielsenIQ is the source of confidence for the industries we serve and the pioneer defining the next century of consumer and retail measurement. Our data, connected insights, and predictive analytics optimize the performance of CPG and retail companies, bringing them closer to the communities they serve and helping to power their growth.  

NielsenIQ, an Advent International portfolio company, has operations in 90+ markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit NielsenIQ.com

2023 Industry Reflections: Looking Back and Ahead

Today, we are experiencing a shift towards seamless commerce. Consumers have high expectations, are increasingly using digital channels to shop, and value the convenience of frictionless transactions. Both retailers and manufacturers are building infrastructures that support these preferences.

Brands are also coping with the industry shift away from third-party data, forcing more attention closer to the point of conversion. This creates a huge need for sophisticated retail media capabilities.  

Luckily, retail media delivers a wide variety of benefits for brands: a closer relationship with retailers, creative services, access to owned and operated media/properties, first-party sales data, and personalization opportunities through creative.  

It’s no wonder retail media spend is projected to skyrocket. According to Insider Intelligence predictions, US digital retail media ad spending will grow 31.4% to reach $40.81 billion this year. By 2024, the total will increase to $61.15 billion, making up nearly 20% of digital ad spending. 

The need to grow market share will open more budget for brands to spend on advertising to bolster sales. But it is not easy, nor is it clear how to harness the right data in the omnichannel world to drive effective and efficient activation across your eCommerce and brick-and-mortar sales. Right now, brands are leveraging their own data, topped with information from retailers and data providers, such as NielsenIQ and IRi. This trend will continue, and we will see continuous convergence of channels, retailers, and advertising mediums in search of a perfect solution that addresses the need.

Maintaining retailer and brand profitability is essential for any business dealing with omnichannel commercialization of their products. Supply chain issues and economic inconsistencies in 2022 showed brands how critical and complex it is to keep control of product profitability while maintaining sustainable growth. It intensified the need to find integrated solutions that help manage this across global retailers. 

Huge Changes for Pacvue in 2022  

Retail media is a mandatory medium for brands hoping to reach key audiences at the right place, right time. To support this shift, Pacvue focused on helping brands tackle the ever-changing challenges across media and omnichannel Commerce.  

We added hundreds of new features to Pacvue Advertising (which we detail below), but advertising is only one step in the commercial success of your products.

That’s why we released Pacvue Commerce—a solution that helps drive operational excellence for your eCommerce business. Pacvue Commerce supports the needs of brands selling goods to consumers, from sales and content to finance, IT, and supply chain. To complete the circle, we integrated Pacvue Advertising and Pacvue Commerce together. Within days, brands saw amazing results, including millions of dollars in prevented revenue leakage and thousands of hours saved by removing manual work from their teams.  

Pacvue Commerce features added in 2022:

Buy Box Monitoring

Brands may lose Buy Box ownership for many reasons—and constantly monitoring it is close to impossible. Worse yet, losing the Buy Box may result in significant revenue losses, especially for high-traffic SKUs. Pacvue monitors your Buy Box and automatically files tickets with vendor support to recover the Buy Box ownership and prevent revenue leakage. Our clients have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in prevented revenue leakage for a single SKU.

Ticketing automation

There are many reasons that require human intervention and manual communication with retailer vendor support. Some of these could harm your profitability and result in lost revenue. For instance, your products may get labeled as “Currently Unavailable.” Our automation identifies reasons the vendor doesn’t own the Buy Box when products are in stock and are active and files an automated ticket with vendor support to resolve this issue as it occurs. This is a manual process for any vendor today. 

Profitability management

Calculating profitability is key for brands that want to drive sustainable, omnichannel growth. Your profitability will depend on how you manage product sales mix, trade agreements, marketing and search costs, and your capabilities to analyze and execute. With this feature, you get a 360-view of your profitability and know exactly what levers to pull to achieve profitability equilibrium.

Pacvue Advertising features:

Weighted SOV (Share of Voice)

Weighted Share of Voice is designed to measure the highest correlation between SOV ranking and sales performance, while standard SOV does not consider placement or volume. By weighting the share of search within Pacvue, we’re both offering a comprehensive view of the correlation between revenue and share of voice. By acknowledging that position 1 is more valuable than position 5 and that ranking for high volume keywords allows for stronger visibility than low volume keywords, advertisers can better evaluate visibility against organic revenue to determine success drivers.


Sonar helps advertisers identify strong performing keywords on one retailer that do not exist on other retailer platforms and launch them on those platforms in minutes. Sonar ensures that these all your retailer activations reap the benefits of insights and opportunities across platform. Users save hours comparing multiple platforms to make crucial decisions.

Rules Library

With Rules Library, advertisers can focus on various areas of the business, like organic placement, SOV, inventory, page views, star rating, and more, to create conditions to optimize respective areas and increase performance. It gives advertisers more control over their focus areas and allows for fewer hands-on keyboard manual optimizations, saving them hours. Rules Libraries are available for Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Commerce.  

Benefits of Commerce and Advertising Integration:

Going beyond just retail operations, Pacvue Commerce seamlessly integrates with Pacvue Advertising to maximize advertising effectiveness. Here’s how:  

  • Control advertising spend based on product page content score to avoid driving traffic to products with low conversion rates.​
  • Stop product ads based on product replenishment status to prevent driving ad traffic to products that are being phased out.
  • Manage advertising spend based on retailer stock product volume to control product supply and demand, which is essential to avoid losing organic and paid relevancy before going out of stock.
  • Manage advertising spend based on your stock product volume to control product supply and demand.
  • Control advertising spend based on the most recent product review score to avoid driving traffic to products with low conversion rates, as retailers’ organic and paid search algorithms include ratings and reviews.​
  • Prevent challenges caused by low product profitability and control total retail marketing investment.
  • Adjust advertising goals and bids for a product when running a promotion.

New retailers

Brands understand the need to connect with customers where they shop—and expanding reach while maintaining a singular, easy-to-use platform is essential to maintain optimal performance. This year Pacvue added four new global retailers to support eCommerce growth:


Pacvue is the first software provider to offer advertising via bol.com. The new API helps sales partners and vendors scale eCommerce advertising on the growing European marketplace, making it possible to automatically create and manage advertisements more effectively on bol.com’s platform.


The retail media business of Kroger Co. is expanding access to its on-site advertising inventory. Pacvue is among the first three approved advertising partners working with Kroger to buy product listing ads on Kroger eCommerce sites.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club MAP Advertisers now have access to search and sponsored product ads via Pacvue, enabling brands to better reach and engage with Sam’s Club members at the right moment of discovery and purchase.


Now brands that use DoorDash ads have access to our industry-leading suite to programmatically manage campaigns.

Where Pacvue is Going in 2023  

We constantly listen to our customers when building products to address business needs, solve common problems, and help brands adapt to a changing retail landscape. 2023 will be no different. With actionable recommendations, advanced artificial intelligence, customizable automations, and deep platform and retailer integrations, our team is eager to deliver growth, operational excellence, and research capabilities for brands and agencies.

Here are some trends we’re monitoring:

Convergence of media with retail media to dominate 2023

TikTok and Meta are building their way into eCommerce, and Amazon is launching a TikTok-like shopping experience. We are observing the convergence of digital mediums that will only further evolve into an even more integrated media mix dominated by retail media. GroupM projects retail media advertising to grow by about 60% by 2027, exceeding the expected growth for all digital advertising. While Dentsu projects retail media will increase by 22% in 2023 alone, despite the economic turbulence ahead.   

The industry is experiencing a cataclysmic shift

With high inflation and risks of recession, brands and advertisers are heading into 2023 conservatively. Brands are making sure they are consolidating their technology stack to keep costs low, using the most efficient advertising solutions. Companies will seek to optimize all business areas, from marketing and advertising to manufacturing and supply chain. 

Pacvue and Merkle Recognized as an Amazon Ads Partner Awards UK Winner in Scaled Technology

We’re excited to share that Pacvue has been awarded as the UK Winner for the 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards in Scaled Technology.

This award recognizes partners who leveraged the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that create efficiencies and helped their clients scale quickly and expand into new regions around the globe.

Along with our agency partner Merkle, we helped our client accelerate campaign optimization and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Pacvue’s rule-based bid automation and budget management tool allowed us to deliver a 22% increase in ROAS across five European countries.

Melissa Burdick. Pacvue  recognized as 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards UK Winner in Scaled Technology.

Thank you to Amazon Advertising for recognizing us that the UK Winner in Scaled Technology for 2022. Please read more about Amazon Ads Partner Awards and Pacvue’s 2022 entry here.

Get to Know Lowe’s One Roof Media Network

The following is a guest post by Criteo.

Launched in late 2021, Lowe’s One Roof Media Network is one of the newer entrants in the retail media network landscape, and it offers innovative opportunities for brands and agencies to reach a highly sought-after audience in the home lifestyle segment.

Here’s a quick overview of the omnichannel advertising services you’ll find in the network’s portfolio.

Dreamers and Doers

The pandemic transformed consumers’ relationships with their homes, making a home more than just a place to live. This amplified the importance of the home goods consumer and made the landscape more competitive. As a result, brands were finding it more challenging to connect meaningfully and engage this growing and valuable audience.

Lowe’s launched its One Roof Media Network to bridge that gap and help brands reach do-it-yourself (DIY), do-it-for-me (DIFM), and pro shoppers searching for the perfect products among Lowe’s more than two million SKUs. Those audiences shop both online and in-store, and they use multiple platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration, creating multiple opportunities for advertisers to connect.

Since the network launched, more than 100 brands, including Samsung, Kohler, and GE Lighting, a Savant company, are advertising with Lowe’s, in part because of the network’s impressive exposure and engagement figures:

  • 40 million site visits per week
  • 20 million+ search and product detail page (PDP) visits per week
  • 4+ minutes time spent per session
  • 3.8 million Pinterest followers
  • 1 million+ YouTube subscribers
  • 850,000+ Instagram followers

The network also fulfills home lifestyle shopping experiences for events such as Spring Organizing and Cleaning, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Back-to-School, Labor Day, Fall Décor, end-of-year Holidays, and more

Investing in Innovation

Lowe’s One Roof Media Network has invested heavily in full-funnel retail media technology and services so it can offer advertisers the audience, data, reporting and attribution, and outcomes they demand. The results have been exciting for a retailer that reported 35 million online home lifestyle transactions in 2020 alone.

Innovation is also key to the retail media network’s value proposition. Its proprietary offerings captivate and inspire shoppers and provide retailers with additional data and media opportunities.

Lowe’s offers powerful solutions to help brands personalize omnichannel campaigns, including closed-loop measurement and attribution. The network makes it easy to access and activate the best data and insights. And they work with partners like Criteo and Pacvue to maximize advertising options and advance their technology. Criteo’s API partner program allows Lowe’s partners like Pacvue to tap into Lowe’s exclusive placement inventory, providing current and prospective advertisers access to premium inventory in their management platform of choice.

Lowe’s has also partnered with Criteo to offer sponsored ads and, more recently, search and browse, PDP, and homepage placements through Criteo’s retail media platform. Third-party partners can also access Lowe’s exclusive ad inventory, and brands have been impressed by the ROAS the partnership has delivered. One small appliance contender saw a phenomenal 1,000% ROAS from sponsored products campaigns on the network for some high-performing SKUs.

What’s in the One Roof Toolbox?

Lowe’s One Roof Media Network offers a comprehensive, full-funnel suite of innovative advertising products and marketing and creative services powered by its rich customer data.

Brands can tap into:

  • Native display and sponsored product ads on Lowes.com (desktop and mobile) and the Lowe’s app
  • Omnichannel, audience-based programmatic activations across display, video, and connected TV, streaming audio, and digital out-of-home formats that drive back to Lowe’s site and stores
  • Social media partnerships dedicated to full-funnel solutions that find shoppers across all media

Brands also get access to a team of partners and experts to help them build program strategies that meet their campaign objectives. Brands share objectives at the beginning of the relationship, and together with the Lowe’s One Roof Media Network team, test and learn to optimize sales and results as quickly as possible.

Building for the Future

As Lowe’s One Roof Media Network and partners like Criteo and Pacvue evolve together, they will continue to develop new ways to connect brands to home lifestyle customers wherever they are in the inspiration and shopping journey.

By bringing together data-driven insights, foresight into consumer behaviors and home category trends, and customized advertising products under one roof, the Lowe’s network is a great option for driving relevancy and sales with the home lifestyle customer.

To learn more about advertising with Lowe’s One Roof Media Network, schedule a call with Pacvue.

Using Advertising and Commerce Integration to Effectively Manage Brands

Managing the Amazon marketplace just got easier with Pacvue’s new Commerce Rule Library. In the past managing a brand and making analytical marketing decisions took hours, from downloading multiple inventory reports, to manually checking in on PDP pages to optimizing sales based on important key performance indicators (KPIs). Pacvue’s new Commerce Rule Library offers end-to-end marketplace management that simplifies your process and streamlines your standard operating procedure (SOP), which ends up saving you hours of manual work. Here are some ways you can make brand management easier and more metric-focused to help scale your business.

Control Advertising Spend

Now, you can make smarter decisions when creating an advertising budget. With Amazon marketplace being so competitive and cost-per-click prices (CPCs) being so high, it’s crucial to put ad spend where your return on investment is most beneficial. With Pacvue’s Rule Library, you can create rules to help you identify products with strong content scores to help you drive more advertising spend on products with stronger content scores and decrease where content still needs improvement. This cuts hours of manual input where you go through sheets and PDP pages grouping products that could be advertised. This makes advertising based on retail readiness much more efficient.

Impact of Buy Box

We all know how important it is for a seller or vendor to win the Buy Box on Amazon. That can be hard when multiple sellers are competing on one page, especially when you are spending advertising dollars on that product. The Pacvue Commerce Rule Library allows you to now create rules where you can target products where you win or lose the Buy Box a certain percentage of the time – you determine the threshold, giving you control. You can pause ads for those products where you lose the Buy Box often and increase advertising spend for those products where you win most of the time. No more manually scouring advertising reports or manually checking product detail pages (PDPs) to see Buy Box information. With Pacvue’s built-in Commerce Rule Library, you can have all you need at the tip of your fingers, saving you hours of researching.

Inventory Based Decisions

Amazon shows a preference for those that have enough inventory to support high-volume traffic. It’s key to organically and sponsored high-ranking products. The higher ranking you have the higher you show up on top of search results which directly impact sales. The Pacvue Rule Library allows you to create rules based on inventory levels to help you determine where you want to drive marketing spend to ensure your inventory can support the spend. Both work hand in hand and prior to the Commerce Rule Library, brands had to download multiple inventory reports to analyze data and make decisions based on findings. Pacvue’s new tool does all the hard work for you. Not only can they identify products with high inventory but can also then make advertising decisions based on the findings. This process would take us hours but now with a click of a button, you can drive impactful decisions.  

Synergy Between Advertising and Brand Decisions

In a fast-moving eCommerce environment where decisions need to be swift and fast, it’s crucial to stay up to date on all important changes. This is where communication between the Brand and Advertising teams becomes critical. The Pacvue Rule Library combines both aspects of the business into one rule, making it easier to make strategic decisions. You can create commerce rules that will help trigger advertising spend to efficiently spend your budget. Using real-time data, Pacvue Commerce can track important KPI’s to help you make strategic decisions to grow your business like one well-oiled machine.  

These are just some of the ways the Pacvue Commerce Rule Library can eliminate hours of manual work and help you make more data-driven actions. Amazon can be a daunting platform for any eCommerce seller and our tool takes that away allowing you to efficiently use your time on other aspects of the business. We have seen a tremendous impact on clients who have already utilized the new feature. Contact us now to learn how you can streamline your business more efficiently today.