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Instacart Brand Pages: Everything We Know So Far

Instacart recently announced their latest feature to the suite of Instacart Ads products for CPG brands – Brand Pages. Advertisers can create these dedicated landing pages to increase brand awareness and close the loop in every shopper’s journey. Brands like Unilever, Pepsi, Colgate, and Nestle are already utilizing it to create more immersive experiences for their consumers on Instacart.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about creating virtual real estate for your brand and how to make the most of it, best practices for advertisers, and future upgrade plans from Instacart.

Create Real Estate for Your Brand

According to Instacart, Brand Pages are shoppable destinations for your brand that are designed to help you tell your brand story and merchandise your products the way you want. You get to tell your brand’s story on your page, add your logo, and craft a color-coordinated aesthetic that ties into your brand image.

The best part? You can create an unlimited number of brand pages on Instacart. Occupy more real estate on the platform and give your customers a better chance of finding your brand.

Our recommendation is to have one evergreen page that acts like your brand’s Instacart home page, regularly updating it and featuring your entire inventory for customers to browse through. Other than that, you can create any number of temporary brand pages based on the campaigns you run, special seasonal discounts, or limited time offers.

Brand Pages have a list of features that make them a must-try:

  1. Free landing page for your target audience, with a URL that you can share off-platform, such as on your social media channels, and drive more traffic easily.
  2. 100% customizable templates, with many page templates to choose from, for an attractive layout to spotlight product collections.
  3. Creative imagery, including a header image, in-page banner, and lifestyle pictures to create a website-like brand page that spotlight your products.
  4. Unlimited edits for every page, each reviewed according to our standard ad review process.
  5. Consumer-centric product collections, with themes like “best sellers” and “family size” for easy inventory organization.

These are just a few of the features that stand out for advertisers in the Instacart ads game. Ultimately, you get to decide exactly what to publish, which pages to keep live, and the collections to push. Brand pages give you back the control of how you are seen by prospective consumers and set you apart from competitors on Instacart.

Best Practices for Advertisers

A shopper’s journey with a brand starts with awareness. Seasonal brand pages do exactly that by attracting more eyes to the latest campaign and luring new consumers in with product collections for products with attractive deals.

For advertisers, brand pages offer a range of ways to drive sales on Instacart. Shoppable brand pages let consumers add products to their cart and complete purchases in seconds. The goal is to reduce any obstacles and make the shopping experience a breeze. For this, you can also curate collections for product lines that consumers will appreciate.

Your sales data makes consumer preferences apparent, so if gluten-free products are selling out fast, you can curate a collection called “gluten-free” to further push sales. This would also increase the visibility of similar products you offer that otherwise get lost in the crowd. This also improves the chances of a higher cart value at checkout.

Any collections where all products are sold out at the retailers your consumer chooses automatically get pushed down in visibility by Instacart. This reduces the chances of cart abandonment and helps consumers discover alternative product offerings without any lag. Instacart recommends spotlighting products that have high distribution rates across retailers to make the most of this feature.

Another way to accelerate growth with brand pages is to direct traffic to them from off-platform media. Adding a direct link to your brand page on, say, your website home page or social media channels, makes the process of discovery easier. This URL also holds a ton of valuable data that you can leverage. One way is to analyze all the visits to your page by source and manage your advertising efforts accordingly to get the highest ROI.

Looking Forward

Brand pages are creative assets with a plethora of undiscovered benefits and a ton of future upgrades for advertisers. Instacart has revealed its plans to keep adding more features and functionalities to brand pages in the latter half of 2022. Shoppable recipes and videos may make CPG brand advertisements simpler and drive better conversion rates.

By featuring products that have high distribution across multiple retailers, you can improve your consumer base while making the most of your inventory. The eCommerce platform also hopes to roll out a feature that will redirect traffic from display ads directly to your brand page, massively boosting sales for Instacart-partner brands.

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