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Harnessing Incrementality in Enterprise eCommerce and Retail

In the latest installment of Profitability Unleashed, Pacvue chats with Blake Kidd, Group Media Director at Rise Interactive, a leading performance marketing agency.

Blake helps brands deploy cutting edge strategies for measuring incremental sales and eCommerce advertising success.

In this conversation, Blake also details the metrics that brands should be tracking if they aren’t already. Watch the interview here:

Decoding Incrementality

Blake doesn’t hold back when discussing the importance of incrementality in retail and eCommerce.

His take: the metrics that platforms like Amazon provide just don’t cut it for a deep understanding of incrementality.

As Blake puts it, “Businesses have to innovate when it comes to measuring what’s truly valuable about incrementality.” He underscores the critical balance between paid and organic efforts, stressing the need to track not only sales from paid campaigns but also the ripple effect on organic sales.

“At Rise, our approach to incrementality always considers the interaction between paid and organic efforts. We acknowledge that these two are intertwined more closely than they would be in platforms like Google Search or Meta,” says Blake. “Our preferred method of calculating incrementality for bottom-funnel actions involves not just considering the ROAS, which pertains to the ad sales generated, but also how it correlates with your TACOS, which takes into account the organic aspect. One of the significant advantages we find with Pacvue is its ability to incorporate both these metrics into a unified space for further analysis and optimization.”

Zooming in on Metrics

Blake unpacks the crucial metrics for brand success, including ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales), offering his perspective on what these numbers really mean.

“We’re looking for opportunities with a good above-average paid ROAS and high TACOS. This combo indicates a good investment on the paid side and a need for more help on the organic side.”

Tackling Top-of-Funnel Campaign Challenges

Every marketer knows the struggle of measuring the impact of top-of-funnel campaigns. Or, as Blake calls it, the “eternal struggle” of digital marketing.

But Blake is bullish on Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) as a solution. Not only can it break down how upper funnel efforts power bottom funnel results, it also lets you see log-level data and track customer experiences, which are essential analyses that Pacvue makes much simpler.

Learn more about Pacvue and Rise Interactive today. And follow Blake Kidd on LinkedIn.


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