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June 7 Weekly Retail Roundup 

Weekly Retail Roundup 7 June 2024

Are you finding it challenging to keep up with the constantly changing retail media landscape? No need to worry! Pacvue is here to help with our Weekly Retail Roundup, keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments. 
In this week’s edition of our Weekly Retail Round-Up, we detail Tesco’s launch of a new marketplace with third-party products, Dollar General’s partnership with Criteo, and Costco’s plans to launch its own retail media network. In addition, Sam’s Club Sponsored Videos are now available through Pacvue.  Stay informed on the latest with these stories! 

Tesco Launches Its Marketplace with Third-Party Products 

Tesco has recently introduced an online marketplace where customers can now purchase a wide range of products from various brands while shopping for groceries. Tesco’s objective is to transform ‘Tesco.com’ into a one-stop shop for all customer needs. The online marketplace launched on June 4, 2024, and already offers 9,000 products across different categories, such as DIY, homeware, toys, and pet care. More products are expected to be added in the upcoming months as the marketplace expands, and items from third-party sellers will be directly fulfilled by the supplier.  

Sam’s Club Sponsored Videos Now Available Through Pacvue 

Big News from Pacvue and Sam’s Club! We’re thrilled to announce that Sam’s Club Sponsored Video Ads are now available through Pacvue!  
With 66% of consumers preferring to watch a video to learn about a product, advertisers within the Sam’s Club marketplace can now reach high-intent Sam’s Club members with Sponsored Video Ads. These ads can be used to: 

  • Increase Awareness: Grab buyers’ attention with Sam’s Club’s keyword-targeting video solution, demonstrating your product’s uses and benefits to reach members. 
  • Improve Discoverability: Complement Sponsored Product Ads and Brand Amplifiers with Sponsored Videos, reaching members at key moments throughout their buying journey. 
  • Increase Sales: Buyers can buy directly from your Sponsored Video Ads with an easily embedded add-to-cart button that takes members directly to the product page. 

Interested in learning more about Sam’s Club Sponsored Video Ads and how Pacvue can help? Book a demo today!  

Dollar General Partners Up with Criteo  

Dollar General Media Network has partnered with Criteo to enhance its onsite sponsored ad offerings, giving brands access to premium inventory. This partnership allows Dollar General to integrate first-party data, in-store sales data, and shopper signals into the DSP to target its rural shopper base.  
The partnership aims to improve ad formats and support Dollar General’s significant in-store and online traffic. Dollar General Media Network’s expanded offerings include partnerships with LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, Google Ad Manager, The Goodway Group, and Meta, while Criteo’s retail media network spans 200 retailers and has continued to work to unify the retail media ecosystem across online and offline channels. 

Costco Plans to Develop an Ad Network to Utilize Its Shoppers Data 

Costco is set to launch a new advertising network that will use its customers’ purchasing history to target ads more effectively. The company’s membership program, which links purchases to individual members, will allow precise ad targeting based on purchasing behavior, similar to Amazon’s AMC lifestyle targeting.  
Despite being late to the retail media space compared to competitors like Walmart and Target, Mark Williamson, assistant VP of Retail Media at Costco believes that this ‘100th mover advantage’ gives them the opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes.  

Pacvue Insider 

One of the biggest shopping events of the year is quickly approaching! Are you prepared for Back-to-School season? 
Our latest blog outlines how to prepare for and perfect your retail media advertising campaigns during the Back-to-School season by leveraging some of the biggest retail media networks, including Walmart Connect, Amazon Ads, and Target. 

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