Unleash Your Amazon Advertising Potential: Effortlessly Manage ASINs with Precision AI and Latitude

Launching and optimizing new campaigns for multiple products on Amazon can be a daunting task for advertisers and brands, particularly in the face of high turnover rates with seasonal items. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of work required to ensure maximum performance for each campaign.

Luckily, AI technology is rapidly changing the way top marketing teams operate within retail media and overall commerce. At Pacvue, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation with Precision AI.

Precision AI and Latitude, Pacvue’s ASIN retail-readiness solution, are bringing retail automation to a new level. These powerful tools help advertisers and brands streamline their campaign management and drive campaign profitability with ease. Teams can focus on creative strategies and high-level tasks while AI handles the nitty-gritty details of campaign creation and optimization.

Campaign Creation with a Single Click

Creating campaigns for new ASINs while maintaining consistency is easy with Precision AI. Users can streamline their workflow and create campaigns in just a few steps, freeing up time and resources. The platform offers three different ad types to choose from, providing the flexibility to customize campaigns. By leveraging the latest AI advancements, advertisers are empowered to maximize their advertising potential with minimal effort.

Rev Up Performance with Automation

Brands know the importance of having always-on campaigns that efficiently promote mid to low-tier ASINs. However, manually optimizing these campaigns can be a tedious and time-consuming task. That’s where Precision AI comes in. The intelligent AI technology enables advertisers to set target ROAS/ACOS goals, ensuring that campaigns are constantly optimized for peak performance. With Precision AI, campaigns run smoothly and efficiently without tedious manual adjustments. Focus on other tasks while Precision AI optimizes campaigns.

Boost Profits with the Right ASINs

By using Precision AI with Latitude, advertisers can focus on the truly profitable ASINs and avoid wasting ad dollars, which can be a major challenge in eCommerce. Latitude helps identify retail-ready ASINs worth promoting with media support, ensuring campaign efficiency. Non-compliant ASINs are automatically replaced to maximize performance. With Precision AI and Latitude, advertisers can optimize ad spend and boost profitability.

Here’s How Precision AI and Latitude Work Together:

Imagine you’re a retail coffee brand launching a new line of products on Amazon. You have 20 different ASINs to manage, and you’re not sure which ones will be the most profitable.

With Precision AI, you can launch campaigns for each of your ASINs in just a few steps. First, you select the ad types that best suit your needs and let the AI technology do the work of optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance. Second, instead of manually monitoring your campaigns to see which ASINs perform well, and which perform poorly, Latitude automatically adjusts your ad focus on profitable ASINs and replaces under-achieving ASINs.

Scale Business Operations with Precision AI and Latitude

With Precision AI, advertisers can automate to “set it and forget it”, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business while still ensuring campaigns are consistently optimized for maximum performance. Additionally, Latitude helps advertisers focus on profitable ASINs and automatically pauses and replaces those that don’t meet certain conditions, maximizing ad spend and profitability. Pacvue’s Precision AI and Latitude tools streamline the campaign management process and drive profitability for brands on Amazon.

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Pacvue 2023 In Review

It’s a bit surreal that 2023 is already behind us! At Pacvue, it was a fantastic year filled with celebrations of success alongside our clients, partners, and advocates. As an organization, we believe we’ve gained a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and are committed to growing with their best interests at heart. Before we fully dive into the New Year, let’s take one last glance at the journey that was 2023. 

2023 EVENTS 

The Pacvue team had quite a journey in 2023, making stops from Las Vegas to Tokyo and everywhere in-between. Our team wasn’t just present at events; we took the stage, sharing insight into industry trends and unveiling new products. We proudly sponsored 8 industry conferences, hosted 2 Summits focusing on Kroger and Walmart, and organized 11 happy hours and numerous dinners to connect with clients and better understand their needs. While every event left an impact, here are a few standout moments. 


The year kicked off with a bang at Shoptalk, marking not only the beginning of a big 2023 but also the launch of our new Pacvue brand. Unveiling our refreshed look was a significant step toward stronger brand awareness, building trust, and aligning with our core mission. It set the tone for an exciting journey ahead.  


June brought a dynamic collaboration as Pacvue President Melissa Burdick joined forces with Amazon’s Jeff Cohen and Kenvue’s Kacie McKee and Nate Notwell in Cannes, France. Together, they delved into the complexities brands encounter, exploring the entire customer journey—from brand building to sales—and navigating the intricate landscape of engaging with customers effectively. The scenic setting of Cannes was also an ideal place to unveil our new Precision AI tool. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into this exciting feature in our product spotlight section below.   

Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit  

In October, we proudly sponsored Walmart’s first-ever Sellers Summit in Las Vegas. Our partnership with Walmart exemplifies our dedication to driving growth and success for online retailers, and we look forward to further collaborating with the vibrant community of sellers gathered at this landmark summit and beyond. Our goal is to offer valuable insights and tools that empower sellers of all sizes to succeed in the ever-evolvinge-commerce landscape. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that equips sellers with the knowledge and resources they need for success on Walmart’s platform.  

Key announcements to the Walmart Marketplace platform included: Expansion to Chile, Brand Shops, enhancements to facilitate the exploration of items through personalized content, seasonal alignment, and localized merchandising, and the expansion of Walmart Fulfillment Services by introducing local pickup and delivery service to physical stores.                         


Our team returned to Las Vegas in September for Groceryshop, an event where the worlds of grocery, technology, and innovation converge. This event holds a special place in our hearts because it provides us with the opportunity to engage with brands of all sizes. Interacting with a diverse range of brands enables us to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face in the evolving landscape of e-commerce.  

AdTech Tokyo 

Members of our team attended the premier global marketing conference, AdTech Tokyo in October, bringing together the world’s leading brands, agencies, media, and solution providers. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to not only attend the event, but to have the opportunity to meet with our Japanese clients, partners, and teammates.   


President, Melissa Burdick delivered an insightful keynote presentation at Amazon Ads unBoxed in New York City alongside Lauren L. Lavin, Executive Director, Commerce, at GroupM and Diana Haussling, Senior VP &GM, Consumer Experience & Growth, CMO, at Colgate-Palmolive, shedding light on key trends and strategies in the rapidly evolving landscape of Amazon advertising. “Prioritizing Customers and Innovating Together” – This overarching theme encapsulated the essence of our collective efforts to deliver amazing outcomes for our customers. Our mission is to provide excellence by focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions. 

Additionally, Kyle Kirkwood and Clare Hogan hosted twoHands-on Keyboard Sessions: “Retail Strategies to Supercharge Your Ads” -Our team members presented actionable insights on how to boost your advertising endeavors through innovative retail strategies. While Matt McGrory and Mika Takahashi of Merkle lead the session, “The Power of Collaboration: HowPartners Can Leverage Each Other for Greater Success,” highlighting the incredible potential that collaboration holds in driving success and achieving exceptional results in the world of advertising. 

Announced at the event, Pacvue and Helium 10 were selected as Beta Partners for Amazon’s latest innovation: Image Generation for Sponsored Brands (Beta). In the product spotlight section below, we’ll delve into more details about this tool and its potential impact on enhancing advertising creatives for both small business and enterprise brands on the platform. 

Look for our team at events in 2024, coming up:  

  • Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas (January 9-12) 
  • The Prosper Show, Las Vegas (March 4-6) 
  • Shoptalk, Las Vegas (March 17-20) 


In 2023, Pacvue’s product underwent significant expansion, introducing various features that enhanced the platform’s capabilities. From advanced AI tools to improved audience targeting, dayparting, mobile advancements, budget managers, and more, these releases aimed to provide users with a more comprehensive and efficient advertising experience. Let’s explore some of the standout feature releases from the past year. 

Sponsored Brand AI Image Generation Tool   

Unveiled at the unBoxed event in November, this tool is set to revolutionize your Sponsored Brands by leveraging Amazon’s AI-powered image generation. It promises to unleash personalized visuals with ease, saving valuable time and maximizing return on investment (ROI) during campaign setup. Learn more here.

Precision AI  

Introduced at Cannes, Precision AI is ideal for brands with numerous mid-to-low-tier products that require an optimized always-on campaign strategy to achieve a target ACOS/ROAS goal. It simplifies the process of efficiently creating multiple campaigns simultaneously. 

AMC Lookalike Audience Creation  

Released in September for Amazon DSP, the AMC Lookalike Audience Creation streamlines audience targeting, allowing advertisers to effectively expand their target campaign reach and enhance performance. 

Revenue Recovery 

Launched in August, Revenue Recovery Management is a comprehensive solution that addresses profit leakage for Amazon vendors and sellers through a powerful blend of automation technologies—powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML)–and extensive industry expertise. 

Subscribe and Save 

Introduced in June, the Subscribe and Save reporting tool is a Commerce feature designed to enhance sales and customer loyalty for brands. This tool enables brands to monitor activity, enhance metrics accuracy, and improve media performance. 

Full list of releases and upgrades include:  

  • SOV Cannibalization 
  • Mobile SOV 
  • PAT SOV 
  • Product AI with Auto Target 
  • Dayparting 
  • Super Wizard 
  • Campaign AI 
  • Anomaly Alerts 
  • Holiday Keyword 
  • DSP Audience Recommendation 
  • IC Display 
  • Sonar 
  • Commerce 3P 
  • Market Insights 
  • NielsenIQ Integration 
  • Periscope 
  • Profitability Targeting 

2024 Sneak Peek 

Planning to maintain a dynamic pace in 2024, we aim to introduce a host of new and upgraded features that empower our customers to boost sales, expand market share, and enhance their overall financial performance. On January 1, 2024, Pacvue celebrated 6 years of innovation, growth, and partnerships as an organization. We’re not just a platform; we’re a journey. Pacvue is the industry’s first Commerce Acceleration Platform, seamlessly integrating operations, retail media, and measurement all in one place.  

Stay informed by subscribing to the Commerce Accelerated Newsletter. Each month, Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue, will share interviews, industry insights, and valuable commerce tips that can benefit everyone.  

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Reclaim What’s Yours, With Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery Management

Uncovering an untapped market on Amazon

There’s no denying the fact that Amazon has completely redefined retail. It’s taken shopping convenience to a whole new level and raised the bar in customer expectations to unreachable heights for many retailers around the world.

But while the lives of everyday consumers become easier, vendors and sellers on the world’s biggest eCommerce site are still struggling to manage and maintain their profit margins. Through no fault of their own.

Amazon’s accounting errors can lead to abnormal fees and fines for vendors and sellers all too often, and this has a huge impact on brands’ revenues. Such significant amounts of profit leakage can be detrimental to a company’s success, and so many make the critical decision to invest valuable hours into manual processes to track, manage and eradicate any erroneous charges and fines that lead to profit leakage.

In fact, according to a Feedvisor survey, more than half (52%) of Amazon sellers spend more than 10 hours a week on manual tasks like compiling data, tracking orders, and resolving disputes. That’s because, if those brands don’t follow up on these processes, they could find themselves hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars out of pocket—money that’s rightly theirs.

Recognizing this huge problem, Pacvue has designed and launched a transformational solution that automates these time-consuming tasks, making it easier than ever for vendors and sellers to regain any lost profits. 

Revenue Recovery Management is a comprehensive solution that addresses profit leakage for Amazon vendors and sellers through a powerful blend of automation technologies—powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML)–and extensive industry expertise.

Amazon’s challenging marketplace

Until now, brands using Amazon’s platform to sell their goods have faced a barrage of challenges:

Manually compiling data

To carry out accurate accounting reconciliation, control the supply chain effectively, and manage profit and loss statements efficiently. 

Navigating complex and dynamic marketplace dispute processes

To fully understand Amazon’s dispute management process, which involves a lot of time-consuming, manual tasks across the supply chain, inventory, trade, and accounting management.

Following stringent inventory management processes

To overcome the inevitable manual errors that occur as a result of Amazon’s automated inventory management and self-service dispute process, combined with the fragmented data collection process it offers. 

Addressing Amazon accounting errors

To eradicate profit leakage by spotting and addressing accounting errors sooner.

Lacking transparency around profit leakage

To regain control over all fees and costs associated with selling and buying on Amazon.

Spending countless hours on manual tasks

To replace complex manual processes with automated ways to track orders, shipments, invoices and payments, helping to maximize revenues. 

A solution for everyone

Overcoming profit leakage and streamlining reconciliation and dispute management processes on Amazon is a must for every seller and vendor.

To achieve this, Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery Management had to address the needs and challenges of three key departments:

Supply chain operators

The last thing anyone working across the supply chain wants to do is manually gather data, especially when they have to juggle that with a highly complicated reconciliation process.

With Revenue Recovery Management, you can seamlessly manage everything–from invoice shortages and price claims, to CoOp discrepancies, chargebacks and returns–thanks to our A-Z recovery process. 

The integration of AI and ML technologies helps rapidly speed up and simplify revenue recovery, which can save you a considerable number of hours–time better spent on more business-critical, strategic tasks that drive growth, efficiency and profits.

Finance leaders

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to finances. One of the big challenges is how you track and manage dynamic marketplace fees, while making sure your budgets and forecasts are accurate and up to date.

Revenue Recovery Management gives you greater visibility over your invoice deductions, which in return makes it easier to gain a clear picture of your profit leakage and ASIN level profit and loss.

With this complete transparency, you can start to make more informed decisions and significantly reduce margin loss as a result of Amazon’s accounting errors. On top of this, Revenue Recovery Management helps boost profits by reducing the amount of resources and money needed to track and recover revenue. 

Sales managers

In sales, every dollar counts, which is why it’s so important you’re able to reclaim any lost income if you’re to maximize revenue growth. 

One of the ways Revenue Recovery Management can help is by uncovering opportunities to recover money lost. It combines powerful automation technologies with our own expertise to efficiently manage the dispute process–improving the success rate in recovering revenue.

This is fundamental to achieving higher dispute success rates, which ultimately boosts your bottom line and increases the value you can contribute to your business.

Revenue Recovery Management in action

A famous brand has been selling its products on Amazon and suffering significant losses as a result of inconsistencies in Amazon’s vendor billing, return penalties, and invoice-shortage fines. 

This simply couldn’t go on, so the company’s finance and sales teams mapped out a plan to address its revenue leakage on Amazon. That plan? To hire Pacvue. 

Together, we conducted a CoOp agreement audit, analyzing chargebacks, price claims, and invoice shortages. And the results were staggering: Over $500,000 in potentially recoverable claims.

After requesting additional documents and submitting disputes to Amazon, we successfully managed to recover $430,000 of revenue leakage for this brand. That’s a huge 75% success rate in recovered revenue.

Recoup what’s rightfully yours, with Revenue Recovery Management 

With our all-in-one, automated solution, you can significantly reduce the persistent problem of profit leakage on Amazon–maximizing your profits. 

Many major brands around the world are starting to do exactly that. Why not join them and unlock your lost profits and enjoy long-term success on Amazon too?

Request a free audit with one of our Amazon experts today.

Pacvue Reveals Trio of New Solutions to Provide Full-Funnel Attribution, including NielsenIQ Integration

Meeting sales targets, tracking ROAS, and reporting business performance can be arduous, considering how frequently modern brands need to collect and analyze extensive amounts of data. Periscope helps users consolidate their sales data and analysis for quicker, easier viewing, making interpreting results, identifying areas in need of improvement, and measuring impact simpler than ever. 

With Periscope, brands can quickly analyze important metrics such as sales, conversion rate, units, and more, giving users the ability to understand the main drivers of growth and decline, and control commerce performance without needing to sift through data.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program provides a number of opportunities for brands to create consistent sales and grow customer loyalty. To unlock its full potential, Pacvue has built a tool to give brands real-time insights into their product performance and highlight a litany of subscriber loyalty and customer lifetime value metrics, all of which can be utilized to perfect their Subscribe and Save strategy. 

Using Subscribe and Save, users can monitor and establish customer lifetime value by tracking subscribers’ spend level vs non-subscribers, and use subscription performance to improve forecast accuracy. With its Replenishment API, users can now automate replenishment tasks, freeing up time for other tasks. Another key benefit is that it allows brands to decouple S&S sales from organic to allow them to more accurately understand drivers of total sales.

Pacvue is also proud to announce that Pacvue Commerce users can now integrate NielsenIQ market share data into their programs, supercharging their sales, marketing, and advertising using real-time information within the Pacvue interface, and providing a comprehensive view of the market. 

The addition of NielsenIQ will also allow users to easily monitor category performance, identify top brands and products, and make savvier, data-driven marketing and advertising decisions leading to greater sales revenue.

To learn more, and to find out how Pacvue Commerce can help you, book a demo with one of our experts here. If you are already a Pacvue customer and want to understand more about how you can benefit from these solutions, please contact your Account Manager.

Pacvue Transforms Insights Delivery with New AI-Powered Solution, Pacvue XL Copilot

Pacvue, the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, today announced the beta release of Pacvue XL Copilot, an industry-first AI solution that enables brands and agencies to easily query data using natural language prompts to generate pre-formatted charts and analysis. This solution not only integrates retail media, sales and operations data from Pacvue directly into Microsoft Excel but also lets brands use and visualize this data in a way that best suits their day-to-day needs.

Built on top of Pacvue’s first-to-market Excel integration, the new AI-powered solution puts the power of Pacvue XL into the hands of brands and agencies to quickly visualize and analyze the state of their business, product or campaign. Individuals of any skill level can input queries using natural language prompts, including speech-to-text, to analyze the data and generate pre-formatted charts populated with key takeaways and insights. The solution can also automatically generate Microsoft PowerPoint slides with these charts and analysis, reducing the time it takes to produce reports from hours to minutes.

“We’re at the very beginning of our AI innovation at Pacvue,” said Melissa Burdick, President at Pacvue. “Our Copilot solution is an important first step to help our clients take action faster with their data. We’re going to continue to lean into the complexity of omnichannel commerce and use AI to boost the ability of brands and agencies of all sizes to make new discoveries and activate growth.”

Pacvue XL Copilot’s generative AI is built on large language model architecture and is the first of its kind to process commerce data directly in Excel. It empowers individuals to work within a familiar application to customize data queries to their specific needs, while AI helps to uncover valuable insights that make swift decisions easier.

Currently in beta and available to all Pacvue XL users, Copilot is the first release in a series of new AI-powered solutions from Pacvue. In addition to expanding Pacvue XL Copilot beyond Excel to the web-based Pacvue application, the company is set to release additional AI tools that power different areas of commerce management.

Pacvue Expands Advertising Partnership with Instacart to Support New Shoppable Ad Formats

Pacvue, the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, today announced an expanded partnership with Instacart Ads to offer new ad formats. Their combined capabilities equip brands to drive more sales on the Instacart platform through targeted retail media advertising.

As part of the agreement, Pacvue now has direct access to the Instacart Display & Video API to help brands drive visibility and sales through engaging shoppable experiences on the Instacart platform. With the integration, advertisers can manage their Instacart Shoppable Video and Display ads through Pacvue for seamless optimization, budget management and consolidated reporting with their other sponsored advertising campaigns.    

“We’re always on the lookout for partners who can bring their expertise and industry insights to the table, and execute successful advertising strategies for our brand partners,” said Suzanne Skop, Head of Agency Partnerships at Instacart. “That’s why we’re excited to continue our work with Pacvue – a major player in the field, whose platform empowers brands to harness the full potential of Instacart Ads to stay on the cutting edge and achieve great results.

Through the expanded partnership, Pacvue and Instacart will jointly pursue development opportunities. Members of the Pacvue team have completed Instacart training to provide best-in-class campaign management support to clients.    

“We’re honored to be able to call Instacart a close partner of Pacvue for nearly three years and counting,” said Melissa Burdick, President at Pacvue. “As the retail media needs of brands become more omnichannel, full-funnel and targeted, we’re looking forward to continuing to bring innovative advertising solutions to market with Instacart.”  

A green circle with white textDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Instacart recently named Pacvue a Preferred API Partner, demonstrating the expertise, connectivity and strength of Pacvue’s technology. Pacvue first announced its partnership with Instacart in September 2020, during a period of rapid growth in the grocery delivery industry. Pacvue was one of the first solutions to marketing with API advertising campaign management on Instacart. Both companies continue to partner on events, webinars and product training sessions designed to drive the industry forward through education. Pacvue’s President Melissa Burdick has also joined the Instacart Advisory Council.

About Pacvue

Pacvue is the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, integrating operations, retail media and measurement. The advanced platform supports more than $150 billion in GMV, gives businesses goal-driven insights in real-time, and pinpoints the most impactful moves brands can make to lead in their category. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Pacvue helps companies move faster through their commerce journey.

Pacvue Unveils the Industry’s First Commerce Acceleration Platform

Pacvue, the commerce acceleration company, today announced its rebrand and the delivery of a new integrated suite that combines marketplace operations, retail media activation, and measurement into a single platform. As such, Assembly, Pacvue’s parent company, is taking on the mantle of the Pacvue brand. As part of Pacvue, Helium 10 is well-positioned to continue as the leading software suite for scaling sellers. With unparalleled market coverage, Pacvue and Helium 10 will jointly enable brands, sellers and agencies of all sizes to drive better profitability, incremental sales, and market share.

“When we founded Assembly, we were acutely aware of our customers’ challenges in navigating a fragmented commerce software market filled with disconnected point solutions and scattered data. Our response was to build a consolidated suite that would cater to the evolving needs of our customers,” said Sandeep Kella, CEO of Pacvue. “We successfully integrated our capabilities, data science, and R&D functions over the past year. This positions us to aggressively meet our customers’ demands by building best-in-class software and being uniquely positioned to expand our capabilities through partnerships and acquisitions.”

The increasing availability of APIs from retailers and the democratization of industry data have spurred growing demand from brands, sellers, and agencies for help navigating the ever-changing commerce landscape. The launch of the Pacvue commerce acceleration platform coincides with new cross-functional capabilities released by the company that deliver value faster, including:

  • Sonar – Commerce teams can save time applying keyword lists across retailers, maximize revenue by pinpointing top-converting keywords regardless of channel, and drive profitability with the right focus for each channel.
  • Latitude – Sales and marketing teams can identify retail-ready SKUs, eliminate margin leakage, and automatically pause SKUs that are not retail-ready and suggest replacements.
  • Precision AI – Advertising teams can automate SKU-level campaign creation geared towards business objectives and launch multiple campaigns with less keyboard work.
  • Insights Dashboard by Helium 10 – Sellers can accelerate decision-making and increase efficiency by centralizing data in a single view that allows them to automate critical processes.

Rather than utilizing various tools to manage their retail operations, businesses can now leverage a single solution to discover opportunities, activate sales growth, and guide their operations.

“Retailers can access consumer touchpoints on a scale that few industries can match, resulting in large swaths of data and mechanisms to run a successful retail business, whether you’re an enterprise brand or an emerging seller. That creates a huge need for integration on a platform level,” said Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue. “As brands embrace omnichannel sales, they need an advanced platform that also makes it simple for them to manage their day-to-day business. Our rebrand and commerce acceleration platform launch reflect our company’s vision, the value, and expertise our solutions bring to our customers.”

Pacvue’s consolidated strength will continue to serve the market with leading capabilities, while making it easier for customers to action insights and recommendations for their business and capitalize on the tools available to them.

“Success today in commerce is synonymous with integration, both in terms of omnichannel execution and actionable insights across sales, media, operations, and category management,” said Michelle Nilsson, Head of eCommerce at Bausch + Lomb. “Pacvue is at the forefront of this complex yet exciting time in the industry, and they have been a valuable partner in elevating our brand.”

Book a demo today and let us show you how we can help your business get a head start on the future.

Maximizing Commerce Potential: Pacvue’s Bold New Look

At Pacvue, we believe change is essential for growth. It’s why our solutions are always evolving to meet and exceed the needs of commerce professionals worldwide.

And as the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, we thought it was time for our brand to match the excellence and innovation of our customers.

That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our new company-wide rebrand.

“Here at Pacvue, we’ve grown in parallel with the industry. From just one product in 2018, we’ve expanded to new countries, added more solutions, and integrated valuable data insights to better serve our customers,” said Melissa Burdick, co-founder and president of Pacvue. “Today, our customers require more than just reporting; they demand a fully integrated solution that consolidates advertising and commerce operations under one roof.”

With a refreshed visual identity and a new tagline—”Maximize your commerce potential”—Pacvue remains committed to guiding you toward making moves that matter across your business.

As the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, we’ve built an integrated solution to help leaders like you discover new opportunities for growth, activate sales with retail media, and guide your day-to-day operations.

This is the same Pacvue brands depend on today, with capabilities like Sonar for cross-retailer keyword recommendations and Latitude for media-eligible product identification. Our new product positioning and messaging will make it easier to understand how the capabilities in our integrated solution work together, so you can deliver results faster.

With our brand officially live, please visit our social feed to see our official announcement and share across your network.

As always, our mission is to turn insights into actionable strategies that drive growth for enterprise brands—and now we have the look and feel to match.

Interested in how Pacvue’s expertise can make your life easier? Connect with us today!

NielsenIQ Connect Partner Program Expands with Addition of Pacvue

Chicago, IL – February 1, 2023 – Today, NielsenIQ announced the addition of Pacvue to the Connect Partner Network, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry’s largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers. This groundbreaking addition to the Connect Partner Network builds a direct link between retail media and the omnichannel market.  

With the addition of Pacvue to the program, NielsenIQ Connect Partners will be able to accurately identify online availability gaps at retailers through Data Impact by NielsenIQ’s location-based analytics and insights, optimize and drive sales and media performance at retailers in the Pacvue platform, and measure and quantify the impact of their media investments in terms of share via NielsenIQ omnichannel measurement. For the first time, brands can directly measure the impact of digitally native activity and investments on both in-store and online market share.  

“We are thrilled to add Pacvue to the select group of Connect Partners as we continue to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and CPG industry” said Brett Jones, SVP Global Leader, NielsenIQ Partner Network. “Pacvue’s software suite for eCommerce advertising, sales, and intelligence, combined with Data Impact’s digital commerce, granular location-based analytics and insights will allow companies to drive omnichannel promotion, advertising activations, and grow their business across critical retailers.”

Together clients will now be able to truly connect the value of retail media investments to its actual market impact and answer some of the most sought-after, difficult, and impactful questions the industry has had since online advertising began. How does my investment at Amazon impact other channels? How correlated is ROAS across different keyword types and assets to true incrementality and total sales performance? How effective and efficient is retail media vs. other investment choices regarding capturing market share growth? These questions can now be answered as Pacvue joins NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network.  

“NielsenIQ is recognized as the gold standard in the CPG industry, with brands and retailers already relying on NielsenIQ for valuable macro-level trends, category rankings, competitive insights, and market performance data,” said Melissa Burdick, President Pacvue. “With our partnership, brands will be able to optimize their retail media investments and omnichannel promotional activities at the store level and measure their impact with location-based analytics and insights powered by Data Impact, rule, and AI-based retailer level media and operation engine from Pacvue, and NielsenIQ’s omnichannel category sales and share platform.”

For additional information, or if you are interested in becoming a NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network member, please visit https://nielseniq.com/global/en/solutions/partner-network-become-a-partner/.

For a list of all partners please visit https://nielseniq.com/global/en/solutions/partner-network-find-a-partner/.

About NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ, a global consumer intelligence company, delivers the gold standard in consumer and retail measurement, through the most connected, complete, and actionable understanding of the evolving global, omnichannel consumer. NielsenIQ is the source of confidence for the industries we serve and the pioneer defining the next century of consumer and retail measurement. Our data, connected insights, and predictive analytics optimize the performance of CPG and retail companies, bringing them closer to the communities they serve and helping to power their growth.  

NielsenIQ, an Advent International portfolio company, has operations in 90+ markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit NielsenIQ.com

Pacvue Launches Pacvue Commerce 3P for Amazon Sellers

Pacvue Commerce 3P, the first-to-market integrated software solution for all-in-one Amazon seller business management, is now available.

As the only integrated first-party and third-party seller solution on the market, Pacvue Commerce 3P enables hybrid sellers to improve performance across both vendor and seller accounts. This powerful solution allows marketplace sellers to manage their inventory, sales, and profits in real time, giving them complete control over their business operations.

“We understand the challenges that Amazon sellers face in managing their operations and achieving profitability,” said Melissa Burdick, Co-Founder & President of Pacvue. “Pacvue Commerce 3P is designed to give sellers a single unified solution to consolidate their tech stack and seamlessly integrate with advertising activities to drive profitable growth.”

With Pacvue Commerce 3P, sellers can streamline their operations with a wide range of features, including:

  • Claims management
  • Sales tracking
  • Returns management
  • Keyword research
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Buy Box tracking, and
  • Product catalog management

“Pacvue Commerce 3P was built with direct input from Amazon sellers across the industry,” said Burdick. “With its powerful features, we are excited to give our partners the ultimate seller management platform.”

Pacvue Commerce 3P lets sellers streamline their operations, set up alerts for important metrics, and access detailed ASIN-level sales performance to inform strategic business decisions. The Pacvue platform goes beyond insights alone and provides prioritized recommendations and specific actions to improve operations, profitability, and sales.

For more information, request a demo today.

Use Walmart Rules Library to Reduce Manual Campaign Optimization

Identifying improvements and enhancing marketing campaigns is time-consuming but crucial. Now, advertisers can access an industry-first tool to streamline campaign improvements with intelligent automation.  

With Walmart Rules Library, advertisers can use retail and advertising insights to optimize campaigns and product pages.

  • Control ad budgets
  • Increase Share of Voice (SOV)
  • Pause campaigns based on low reviews and inventory
  • Use rule templates to automate actions and streamline the advertising process

Simplification at Your Fingertips

According to Insider Intelligence, Walmart is on track to hit 2.53 billion in ad revenue by the end of the year and almost 4 billion next year, leaving a significant opportunity for advertisers to increase campaign sales. Continuously optimizing campaigns is crucial. Automating campaign enhancements based on custom product goals increases efficiency while improving performance. Plus, it simplifies the overall campaign improvement process and requires very little hands-on keyboard work to manage daily campaigns.

Smart Automations for the Savy

Improving campaigns based on product goals just got easier with Walmart Rules Library. This advanced intelligent automation tool saves advertisers time with the ability to create custom rules or choose from a template library. Advertisers and marketing teams can create custom thresholds with triggers, ranging from increasing or decreasing bids, turning off campaigns, increasing budgets, and more.  

Examples of Work in Action

Marketing campaign management based on product availability is a breeze with Walmart Rules Library. Create an automated rule that increases the campaign budget by 20% and the targeting bid by 25% when the product availability percentage is high. You can even create an automated rule to reverse the increased ad spend when Weeks on Hand is less than or equal to 4 weeks.    

Effortlessly Pause SKUs with Poor Reviews

Create an automated rule to pause the SKU when product reviews are less than three stars. If you have a string of bad reviews, pausing campaigns helps identify and address the causes.

Manage Multiple Promotions with Less Keyboard Work

When running a promotion for a SKU, you can create an automated rule to increase the targeting bid by 25% and reverse it to the previous bid value when the promotion ends.    

Industry-First Product View

With a combination of retail and advertising insights, advertisers have more control over managing media accounts for the first time. Rules are customized based on their product’s needs. Instead of downloading multiple reports and analyzing endless data, Walmart Advertisers can now manage their entire account with smart automations driven by dynamic insights.  

Save time by automating your manual campaign enhancements based on your product goals.  

To learn more about Walmart Rules Library and how you can get started, contact Pacvue.

Pacvue's newly released Walmart Rules Library improves campaign performance in less time with powerful custom automations.

Pacvue and Merkle Recognized as an Amazon Ads Partner Awards UK Winner in Scaled Technology

We’re excited to share that Pacvue has been awarded as the UK Winner for the 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards in Scaled Technology.

This award recognizes partners who leveraged the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that create efficiencies and helped their clients scale quickly and expand into new regions around the globe.

Along with our agency partner Merkle, we helped our client accelerate campaign optimization and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Pacvue’s rule-based bid automation and budget management tool allowed us to deliver a 22% increase in ROAS across five European countries.

Melissa Burdick. Pacvue  recognized as 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards UK Winner in Scaled Technology.

Thank you to Amazon Advertising for recognizing us that the UK Winner in Scaled Technology for 2022. Please read more about Amazon Ads Partner Awards and Pacvue’s 2022 entry here.