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Pacvue Reveals Trio of New Solutions to Provide Full-Funnel Attribution, including NielsenIQ Integration

Meeting sales targets, tracking ROAS, and reporting business performance can be arduous, considering how frequently modern brands need to collect and analyze extensive amounts of data. Periscope helps users consolidate their sales data and analysis for quicker, easier viewing, making interpreting results, identifying areas in need of improvement, and measuring impact simpler than ever. 

With Periscope, brands can quickly analyze important metrics such as sales, conversion rate, units, and more, giving users the ability to understand the main drivers of growth and decline, and control commerce performance without needing to sift through data.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program provides a number of opportunities for brands to create consistent sales and grow customer loyalty. To unlock its full potential, Pacvue has built a tool to give brands real-time insights into their product performance and highlight a litany of subscriber loyalty and customer lifetime value metrics, all of which can be utilized to perfect their Subscribe and Save strategy. 

Using Subscribe and Save, users can monitor and establish customer lifetime value by tracking subscribers’ spend level vs non-subscribers, and use subscription performance to improve forecast accuracy. With its Replenishment API, users can now automate replenishment tasks, freeing up time for other tasks. Another key benefit is that it allows brands to decouple S&S sales from organic to allow them to more accurately understand drivers of total sales.

Pacvue is also proud to announce that Pacvue Commerce users can now integrate NielsenIQ market share data into their programs, supercharging their sales, marketing, and advertising using real-time information within the Pacvue interface, and providing a comprehensive view of the market. 

The addition of NielsenIQ will also allow users to easily monitor category performance, identify top brands and products, and make savvier, data-driven marketing and advertising decisions leading to greater sales revenue.

To learn more, and to find out how Pacvue Commerce can help you, book a demo with one of our experts here. If you are already a Pacvue customer and want to understand more about how you can benefit from these solutions, please contact your Account Manager.


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