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Pacvue Unveils the Industry’s First Commerce Acceleration Platform

Pacvue, the commerce acceleration company, today announced its rebrand and the delivery of a new integrated suite that combines marketplace operations, retail media activation, and measurement into a single platform. As such, Assembly, Pacvue’s parent company, is taking on the mantle of the Pacvue brand. As part of Pacvue, Helium 10 is well-positioned to continue as the leading software suite for scaling sellers. With unparalleled market coverage, Pacvue and Helium 10 will jointly enable brands, sellers and agencies of all sizes to drive better profitability, incremental sales, and market share.

“When we founded Assembly, we were acutely aware of our customers’ challenges in navigating a fragmented commerce software market filled with disconnected point solutions and scattered data. Our response was to build a consolidated suite that would cater to the evolving needs of our customers,” said Sandeep Kella, CEO of Pacvue. “We successfully integrated our capabilities, data science, and R&D functions over the past year. This positions us to aggressively meet our customers’ demands by building best-in-class software and being uniquely positioned to expand our capabilities through partnerships and acquisitions.”

The increasing availability of APIs from retailers and the democratization of industry data have spurred growing demand from brands, sellers, and agencies for help navigating the ever-changing commerce landscape. The launch of the Pacvue commerce acceleration platform coincides with new cross-functional capabilities released by the company that deliver value faster, including:

  • Sonar – Commerce teams can save time applying keyword lists across retailers, maximize revenue by pinpointing top-converting keywords regardless of channel, and drive profitability with the right focus for each channel.
  • Latitude – Sales and marketing teams can identify retail-ready SKUs, eliminate margin leakage, and automatically pause SKUs that are not retail-ready and suggest replacements.
  • Precision AI – Advertising teams can automate SKU-level campaign creation geared towards business objectives and launch multiple campaigns with less keyboard work.
  • Insights Dashboard by Helium 10 – Sellers can accelerate decision-making and increase efficiency by centralizing data in a single view that allows them to automate critical processes.

Rather than utilizing various tools to manage their retail operations, businesses can now leverage a single solution to discover opportunities, activate sales growth, and guide their operations.

“Retailers can access consumer touchpoints on a scale that few industries can match, resulting in large swaths of data and mechanisms to run a successful retail business, whether you’re an enterprise brand or an emerging seller. That creates a huge need for integration on a platform level,” said Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue. “As brands embrace omnichannel sales, they need an advanced platform that also makes it simple for them to manage their day-to-day business. Our rebrand and commerce acceleration platform launch reflect our company’s vision, the value, and expertise our solutions bring to our customers.”

Pacvue’s consolidated strength will continue to serve the market with leading capabilities, while making it easier for customers to action insights and recommendations for their business and capitalize on the tools available to them.

“Success today in commerce is synonymous with integration, both in terms of omnichannel execution and actionable insights across sales, media, operations, and category management,” said Michelle Nilsson, Head of eCommerce at Bausch + Lomb. “Pacvue is at the forefront of this complex yet exciting time in the industry, and they have been a valuable partner in elevating our brand.”

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