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Reclaim What’s Yours, With Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery Management

Uncovering an untapped market on Amazon

There’s no denying the fact that Amazon has completely redefined retail. It’s taken shopping convenience to a whole new level and raised the bar in customer expectations to unreachable heights for many retailers around the world.

But while the lives of everyday consumers become easier, vendors and sellers on the world’s biggest eCommerce site are still struggling to manage and maintain their profit margins. Through no fault of their own.

Amazon’s accounting errors can lead to abnormal fees and fines for vendors and sellers all too often, and this has a huge impact on brands’ revenues. Such significant amounts of profit leakage can be detrimental to a company’s success, and so many make the critical decision to invest valuable hours into manual processes to track, manage and eradicate any erroneous charges and fines that lead to profit leakage.

In fact, according to a Feedvisor survey, more than half (52%) of Amazon sellers spend more than 10 hours a week on manual tasks like compiling data, tracking orders, and resolving disputes. That’s because, if those brands don’t follow up on these processes, they could find themselves hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars out of pocket—money that’s rightly theirs.

Recognizing this huge problem, Pacvue has designed and launched a transformational solution that automates these time-consuming tasks, making it easier than ever for vendors and sellers to regain any lost profits.

Revenue Recovery Management is a comprehensive solution that addresses profit leakage for Amazon vendors and sellers through a powerful blend of automation technologies—powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML)–and extensive industry expertise.

Amazon’s challenging marketplace

Until now, brands using Amazon’s platform to sell their goods have faced a barrage of challenges:

Manually compiling data

To carry out accurate accounting reconciliation, control the supply chain effectively, and manage profit and loss statements efficiently. 

Navigating complex and dynamic marketplace dispute processes

To fully understand Amazon’s dispute management process, which involves a lot of time-consuming, manual tasks across the supply chain, inventory, trade, and accounting management.

Following stringent inventory management processes

To overcome the inevitable manual errors that occur as a result of Amazon’s automated inventory management and self-service dispute process, combined with the fragmented data collection process it offers.

Addressing Amazon accounting errors

To eradicate profit leakage by spotting and addressing accounting errors sooner.

Lacking transparency around profit leakage

To regain control over all fees and costs associated with selling and buying on Amazon.

Spending countless hours on manual tasks

To replace complex manual processes with automated ways to track orders, shipments, invoices and payments, helping to maximize revenues. 

A solution for everyone

Overcoming profit leakage and streamlining reconciliation and dispute management processes on Amazon is a must for every seller and vendor.

To achieve this, Pacvue’s Revenue Recovery Management had to address the needs and challenges of three key departments:

Supply chain operators

The last thing anyone working across the supply chain wants to do is manually gather data, especially when they have to juggle that with a highly complicated reconciliation process.

With Revenue Recovery Management, you can seamlessly manage everything–from invoice shortages and price claims, to CoOp discrepancies, chargebacks and returns–thanks to our A-Z recovery process.

The integration of AI and ML technologies helps rapidly speed up and simplify revenue recovery, which can save you a considerable number of hours–time better spent on more business-critical, strategic tasks that drive growth, efficiency and profits.

Finance leaders

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to finances. One of the big challenges is how you track and manage dynamic marketplace fees, while making sure your budgets and forecasts are accurate and up to date.

Revenue Recovery Management gives you greater visibility over your invoice deductions, which in return makes it easier to gain a clear picture of your profit leakage and ASIN level profit and loss.

With this complete transparency, you can start to make more informed decisions and significantly reduce margin loss as a result of Amazon’s accounting errors. On top of this, Revenue Recovery Management helps boost profits by reducing the amount of resources and money needed to track and recover revenue. 

Sales managers

In sales, every dollar counts, which is why it’s so important you’re able to reclaim any lost income if you’re to maximize revenue growth.

One of the ways Revenue Recovery Management can help is by uncovering opportunities to recover money lost. It combines powerful automation technologies with our own expertise to efficiently manage the dispute process–improving the success rate in recovering revenue.

This is fundamental to achieving higher dispute success rates, which ultimately boosts your bottom line and increases the value you can contribute to your business.

Revenue Recovery Management in action

A famous brand has been selling its products on Amazon and suffering significant losses as a result of inconsistencies in Amazon’s vendor billing, return penalties, and invoice-shortage fines.

This simply couldn’t go on, so the company’s finance and sales teams mapped out a plan to address its revenue leakage on Amazon. That plan? To hire Pacvue.

Together, we conducted a CoOp agreement audit, analyzing chargebacks, price claims, and invoice shortages. And the results were staggering: Over $500,000 in potentially recoverable claims.

After requesting additional documents and submitting disputes to Amazon, we successfully managed to recover $430,000 of revenue leakage for this brand. That’s a huge 75% success rate in recovered revenue.

Recoup what’s rightfully yours, with Revenue Recovery Management

With our all-in-one, automated solution, you can significantly reduce the persistent problem of profit leakage on Amazon–maximizing your profits.

Many major brands around the world are starting to do exactly that. Why not join them and unlock your lost profits and enjoy long-term success on Amazon too?

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