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Maximizing Commerce Potential: Pacvue’s Bold New Look

At Pacvue, we believe change is essential for growth. It’s why our solutions are always evolving to meet and exceed the needs of commerce professionals worldwide.

And as the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, we thought it was time for our brand to match the excellence and innovation of our customers.

That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our new company-wide rebrand.

“Here at Pacvue, we’ve grown in parallel with the industry. From just one product in 2018, we’ve expanded to new countries, added more solutions, and integrated valuable data insights to better serve our customers,” said Melissa Burdick, co-founder and president of Pacvue. “Today, our customers require more than just reporting; they demand a fully integrated solution that consolidates advertising and commerce operations under one roof.”

With a refreshed visual identity and a new tagline—”Maximize your commerce potential”—Pacvue remains committed to guiding you toward making moves that matter across your business.

As the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, we’ve built an integrated solution to help leaders like you discover new opportunities for growth, activate sales with retail media, and guide your day-to-day operations.

This is the same Pacvue brands depend on today, with capabilities like Sonar for cross-retailer keyword recommendations and Latitude for media-eligible product identification. Our new product positioning and messaging will make it easier to understand how the capabilities in our integrated solution work together, so you can deliver results faster.

With our brand officially live, please visit our social feed to see our official announcement and share across your network.

As always, our mission is to turn insights into actionable strategies that drive growth for enterprise brands—and now we have the look and feel to match.

Interested in how Pacvue’s expertise can make your life easier? Connect with us today!


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