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Pacvue Transforms Insights Delivery with New AI-Powered Solution, Pacvue XL Copilot

Pacvue, the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, today announced the beta release of Pacvue XL Copilot, an industry-first AI solution that enables brands and agencies to easily query data using natural language prompts to generate pre-formatted charts and analysis. This solution not only integrates retail media, sales and operations data from Pacvue directly into Microsoft Excel but also lets brands use and visualize this data in a way that best suits their day-to-day needs.

Built on top of Pacvue’s first-to-market Excel integration, the new AI-powered solution puts the power of Pacvue XL into the hands of brands and agencies to quickly visualize and analyze the state of their business, product or campaign. Individuals of any skill level can input queries using natural language prompts, including speech-to-text, to analyze the data and generate pre-formatted charts populated with key takeaways and insights. The solution can also automatically generate Microsoft PowerPoint slides with these charts and analysis, reducing the time it takes to produce reports from hours to minutes.

“We’re at the very beginning of our AI innovation at Pacvue,” said Melissa Burdick, President at Pacvue. “Our Copilot solution is an important first step to help our clients take action faster with their data. We’re going to continue to lean into the complexity of omnichannel commerce and use AI to boost the ability of brands and agencies of all sizes to make new discoveries and activate growth.”

Pacvue XL Copilot’s generative AI is built on large language model architecture and is the first of its kind to process commerce data directly in Excel. It empowers individuals to work within a familiar application to customize data queries to their specific needs, while AI helps to uncover valuable insights that make swift decisions easier.

Currently in beta and available to all Pacvue XL users, Copilot is the first release in a series of new AI-powered solutions from Pacvue. In addition to expanding Pacvue XL Copilot beyond Excel to the web-based Pacvue application, the company is set to release additional AI tools that power different areas of commerce management.


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