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CPG brand boosted sales by 37% with DoorDash Ads using Pacvue’s Dayparting

CPG brand boosted sales by 37% with DoorDash Ads using Pacvue’s Dayparting


A leading beverage brand struggled to target customers with sponsored ads at specific times on the DoorDash Marketplace. After implementing Pacvue’s Weekend Bid Boost and Dayparting tools, the brand was able to boost sales on DoorDash by 37% while maintaining profit margins.

The Challenge 

This CPG brand’s inability to utilize advanced targeting on DoorDash limited overall campaign performance and sales. As a result, the brand sought a technology solution that could improve their advertising efforts.   

Its advertising team was tasked with maximizing campaign budgets and ensuring ads showed during peak shopping periods to increase beverage sales on DoorDash, while maintaining Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). 

The Solution 

After partnering with Pacvue, the brand implementing Pacvue’s Weekend Bid Boost and Dayparting to optimize bids during peak shopping periods and to protect daily budgets. This allowed the brand to accomplish its goal of boosting sales while maintaining profit margins.

Here’s how: 

  • The Dayparting tool determined peak and valley periods for targeting their most coveted shoppers.   
  • The Weekend Bid Boost was used to adjust bids in real-time during peak shopping periods and increase the chance of ad placement.   

These strategic moves working in tandem allowed the brand to adjust bids and budgets accordingly while ensuring they were increasing ad placements during the shopping periods that had the most significant impact on sales. 

The Results 

The beverage brand’s DoorDash campaign ran from November 16, 2022, to December 1, 2022, where dayparting automation replaced daily manual budget and bid optimizations. In just two weeks, it helped streamline their process and improve campaign performance while increasing ROAS. This replaced hours of monitoring and manual changes to campaigns before dayparting was implemented. 

After implementing the strategy, the brand increased spend 25% and saw a 37% increase in sales. They achieved an impressive 9% increase in ROAS at $3.61 ROAS and a 1.35% CTR, up 11%. 

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