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Pacvue Partners with DoorDash to Offer Advertisers More Opportunities to Reach Customers

Pacvue is pleased to share that as of today, brands who use DoorDash ads will have access to our industry-leading suite to programmatically manage their campaigns. We’re the first-to-market partner for DoorDash, available immediately leveraging our enterprise suite for brands, sellers, and agencies.

DoorDash is building a collaborative and flexible ad platform focused on meeting customers where they are. Brands can now access and manage DoorDash ads via Pacvue as they market their products to DoorDash customers.

Through this partnership, brands using DoorDash ads can improve their bottom line through the use of our products which combine the power of holistic performance data with the tools needed to take recommended actions.  The partnership will enable brands to meet the demands of modern online shoppers in the ever-evolving retail media network landscape.

With access to DoorDash ads through Pacvue, brands can connect with consumers at the most relevant moments across the path to purchase. They can maximize reach with Banners, increase engagement with Promotions, and capture demand with Sponsored Products.

In 2022, many brands struggle with managing and executing successful ad campaigns using retail media. The amount of attention to detail and person-power required to be successful is simply not scalable in the current environment. However, that’s where Pacvue comes in to help brands improve their retail media strategies. Our products consolidate all key retail data sets into a single platform as an end-to-end solution for brands which enables teams and individual users to manage and optimize retail media at scale to drive positive revenue. We know that we’ll be able to provide brands with an optimized experience to power up their retail media campaigns with our tools which are trusted by many leading players in e-commerce including Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and Albertsons, among others.

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