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Uncovering More Omnichannel Opportunities in 2022

As more retailers launch their own retail media networks, eCommerce advertisers are beginning to treat their media mix like a stock portfolio. Omnichannel commerce is a strategy that targets customers across several channels, not just on Amazon, with the goal of providing a smooth shopping experience on all sales channels, including mobile, in store, and online.

Many sellers and brands advertising on Amazon have been expanding to other retail media networks like Walmart Connect and Instacart. But it’s much more than that. 81% of brands plan to spend more media dollars through experimenting with new retail media channels this year.

Approximately 77% of sellers and brands in the US are selling on Amazon, but Walmart isn’t far behind with 56% of sellers working with Walmart Connect. Meanwhile, 29% of brands are selling through eBay and 27% work with Home Depot. These statistics strongly indicate that the best practices for brands looking to grow in 2022 are testing out omnichannel retail media expansion. According to eMarketer, US digital retail media advertising will surpass a whopping $50 billion by 2023, representing nearly 20% of digital ad dollars. This is up from 10.1% in 2019.

Take advantage of efficient CPCs and new-to-brand customers on online marketplaces beyond the foundation of Amazon and Walmart. In this article, we will highlight new retail media networks and key features launching in 2022 and beyond.

Retail Media Timeline

More retail media networks than ever have launched in the past year and new retailers and ad features are coming. Look to diversify and get ahead of new trends in 2022 with this retail media launch timeline.

Here are the major dates and launches to inform your strategy:


May: Target rebrands their digital-advertising business as Roundel.


May: Instacart launches Instacart Ads.


January: Walmart launches Walmart Connect and partners with The Trade Desk.

April: Dollar Tree launches Chesapeake Media Group.

June: Gopuff launches Gopuff Ad Solutions.

July: Publicis Group acquires retail media platform CitrusAd.

October: Lowe’s launches Lowe’s One Roof Media.

Kroger launches Kroger Precision Marketing Network.


January: Instacart Ads introduces brand pages and new display ad options.

February: Brand campaigns begin on Albertson Media Collective.

Michaels partners with Criteo to enable retail media advertising.

Best Buy launches Best Buy Ads.

March: Criteo finalizes acquisition of IPONWEB, a Market-Leading AdTech Platform Company.

Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) expanded access to their on-site advertising inventory with Pacvue as one of three partners with inaugural access to the API.

Pacvue also officially became the first software provider to offer advertising via bol.com to help sales partners and vendors scale their eCommerce advertising on the growing European marketplace.

Pacvue Retail Media Launch Timeline #eCommerce
Retail Media Timeline 2019-2022 Pacvue eCommerce Advertising

Diversify Where Your Campaigns Run

If you’re seeking to cut your reliance on Amazon, then Pacvue is the enterprise suite for you! The Pacvue platform gives advertisers access to place sponsored search ads and other ad types on 30+ retailers’ websites, including eBay, Target, Gopuff, Kroger, and bol.com, to name a few.

Omnichannel management is quick and easy with Pacvue, as the platform brings sales, retail, and ad data from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Target, and other marketplaces together in one place, so you can visualize your campaign performance side-by-side and aggregated, giving you a full-funnel view.

62% of sellers and brands want access to their first-party data, which is another great reason to try Pacvue. The platform is equipped with first-party data that allows account managers to better understand omnichannel trends and make smarter decisions at a quicker pace. And with analytics in one centralized place, Pacvue enables SKU rationalization, product allocation, and performance evaluation across channels at the product, keyword strategy, and campaign tag level.

Are you looking to expand your eCommerce business to other marketplaces but don’t know where to begin? See Pacvue in action with a free demo today. We’ll walk you through the Pacvue platform and show you how easy it is to expand your sales to other retailers.


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