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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Hyper-personalization is key to effective advertising in retail media today. A comparison of over 330,000 CTAs over a six-month timeframe revealed that personalized CTAs convert 202% better than default versions. For brands, coming up with unique campaigns for every launch is becoming tougher and tougher.

Amazon marketing cloud offers a solution to this need for data-driven discovery. With self-service access to hundreds of data points, the AMC helps brands understand the consumer shopping journey and penetrate new markets with newfound efficacy.

Pacvue’s integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud released last year to help brands reach data-driven decisions faster. We can now share insights based on our customers’ use of AMC over the past quarter to help you discover the top tips you need to use to reach data-driven results faster. You will understand how to leverage cross-media insights, measure business-critical performance reports, and maintain the privacy of your data.

Analyze Cross-Media Deep Insights

AMC goes beyond traditional data recognition and reveals deeper insights with cross-media analysis. This means your reports will include an understanding of the consumers’ journeys across multiple data sets. Each event of video and audio interaction is clubbed with search and other engagements to help you advertise to your target audience.

A media mix is also crucial to marketing strategies today because every purchase is a result of more than one element. The price, product, promotion, place, and people all play a role. This is explained in more detail in this blog by Amazon.

By optimizing this and allocating your budget effectively, your brand can see tremendous growth in retail media. These reports can also be overlapped with a full-funnel approach, your paid search results can skyrocket your retail media performance.

Flexible Measurement of Brand Analytics

The study of path to purchase focuses on past campaigns to help you improve upcoming launches. Both learning from past mistakes and trend predictions for the future help your brand maximize returns from paid media, and AMC improves your efficiency massively with real-time data.

Having over 2.45 billion monthly visits to the website, Amazon is the most visited eCommerce site in the United States.

Your ad dollars should be invested in areas with long-term growth benefits, and AMC offers holistic measurements to help you pinpoint metrics. A good starting point is to double down on the capabilities that are offering you consistent ROAS and set aside a part of your budget on elements of your strategy that return losses.

Amazon DSP is a demand-oriented solution that offers metric-based suggestions for brand growth. Amazon Marketing Cloud takes that one step further with custom queries instead of standardized ones, so you get a more comprehensive view of your media’s effectiveness.

Protect First-Party Data Privacy

One of the top priorities for brands in the eCommerce niche is ensuring their consumer data remains exclusive. This first-party data you collect from marketplace advertising intelligence platforms like Pacvue is key to outperforming competitors in the industry.

A way that Amazon Marketing Cloud handles this is by accepting only pseudonymized information. This ensures that Amazon itself has no access to your data and cannot export it for any purpose. Only you control the dataset uploads, and each report is downloadable as a CSV file.

Each advertiser associated with AMC gets a dedicated AMC data clean room environment to ensure the utmost security. As long as you have a technical resource that is familiar with SQL and a live campaign to kickstart the work with, this cloud-based solution will pull the reins in the right direction.

Every element from your brand impressions to product searches, clicks, and conversation rates are all protected within the AMC environment. Your campaign ads will undergo microscopic analyses and the end result will highlight exactly what aspects of your strategy can be improved upon to achieve more profits.

The Way Forward

The agility of AMC is its most unique feature, so you feel confident in iteratively analyzing your brand performance. Attributing set budgets to create an omnichannel funnel is not easy, but it can give massive returns if done right.

Once you know your consumers’ goals, your focus should be oriented to bridge the gap between them. In retail media, staying on top of the latest trends is a necessity. Integrating AMC into your strategy allows you to reduce time spent in finding the right path and actually customizing it to implement for your brand. The best part? It’s available at no extra cost to all eligible advertisers via web-based UI and API. For Pacvue customers, the insights provided by AMC are available as a collection of visualized reports with real-time updates.

Amazon continues to provide more customer information and valuable insights to fuel your advertising strategy. Ensure you’re getting the most out of Amazon Marketing Cloud by integrating it into your existing reporting and retail media strategy. Learn more about Pacvue for Amazon and request a demo today.


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