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OTC Consumer Goods Brands Achieve Remarkable Growth with MPG and Pacvue, Increasing Share of Shelf by 42% on Amazon

The Summary

Market Performance Group (MPG) has partnered with several over the counter (OTC) consumer goods brands to boost their business and advertising efficiency using Pacvue’s advanced solutions. This collaboration has led to notable improvements in Share of Voice (SOV) and enhanced ad performance. Since January 2023, these brands have experienced an 80% year-over-year increase in Sales Cost of Goods Sold (SCOGS) and have allocated a budget of over $4 million for 2024.

Market Performance Group (MPG) achieved:

  • 26% Increase in Share of Voice for certain CPG keywords.
  • 19% Share of Voice reached by certain CPG-related keywords.
  • 15% Decrease in CPC due to enhanced efficiency in bid management.

The Challenge

After a successful media strategy in 2023, the brands aimed to maintain and boost their growth trajectory. Managing SOV presented a challenge, requiring efficient strategies to uphold competitive visibility.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges, MPG adopted a comprehensive solution leveraging Pacvue’s automation for SOV optimization.

  • Budget Manager: Prevented campaigns from receiving zero spend, ensuring that SOV campaigns continued to receive necessary funding, and maintaining consistent visibility.
  • SOV Bidding Rules: Dynamically adjusted bids based on the brand’s organic and paid placements. Specifically, to:
    • Increase Bids: For keywords where the associated ASINs were not in the top organic or sponsored placements.
    • Decrease Bids: For keywords where the brand was already highly ranked organically, driving efficiency by reserving budget for keywords where the brand needed more visibility.
  • Keyword Tagging: SOV keyword tags used to direct the correct ASINs to the appropriate group of keywords. This ensured precise targeting and relevance, further increasing campaign effectiveness.

The Results

Significant improvements in organic and paid SOV for strategic keywords, enhancing visibility and market penetration. Also, improved bid management efficiency, reducing CPC. Strategically tagged keywords and optimized targeting drove higher engagement and conversion rates, positioning brands for sustained growth.

“Pacvue’s SOV Bidding rules were so easy to implement and enabled our campaigns to react faster to market shifts than manual oversight. These quick changes have made growing our search rankings a breeze while also helping push our sales to new heights thanks to shifting budgets to competitive terms and reducing bids where we achieved organic ranking improvements.”

– Joe Gilliland, Media Manager | Digital Marketing MPG

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