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Walmart Marketplace: Essential Insights for Walmart Sellers

Navigating the dynamic landscape of e-commerce advertising presents its own set of challenges. Staying well-informed, adaptable, and ahead of industry trends is crucial for achieving success. In the ever-evolving world of online advertising, one noteworthy trend is the surge in popularity of advertising on Walmart Connect. Given its substantial digital audience of 120 million unique visitors monthly, connecting with the Walmart audience has become an increasingly pivotal aspect of successful advertising strategies. 

Our team recently had the opportunity to chat with Michael Mosser, Vice President of Categories at Walmart Marketplace and Kyle McWhirter, Senior Director & Head of Emerging Sales at Walmart Connect. During our discussions, we delved into effective strategies, best practices, and insightful predictions tailored for Walmart Sellers. 

Emerging Trends in E-commerce Advertising 

Within the dynamic landscape of e-commerce advertising, Kyle highlighted the rise of personalized, data-driven advertising and underscored the significance of seamlessly integrating omnichannel strategies. Notably, Walmart Connect is proactively adapting to these shifts by augmenting its targeting capabilities and furnishing sellers with tools designed to harness these trends effectively.  

Staying Relevant & Effective  

As the e-commerce landscape undergoes constant evolution, sellers must prioritize customer-centric approaches. This involves a deep understanding of their target audience, the strategic use of data-driven insights, and the creation of compelling ad creatives. Maintaining agility and adeptly adapting to market changes are pivotal elements for ensuring long-term success in this dynamic environment. 

Budgeting and ROI Best Practices 

Emphasizing the critical aspects of effective advertising, Kyle underscored the importance of establishing clear goals, vigilant monitoring of campaign performance, and optimizing ad spend accordingly. Sellers are advised to concentrate on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) metrics, remaining prepared to adjust budgets based on both campaign performance and prevailing seasonal trends. This strategic approach ensures a dynamic and responsive advertising strategy aligned with overarching business objectives. 

Effective Mobile Advertising 

Given the increasing prevalence of mobile shopping and app-based experiences, sellers must prioritize optimizing their ads for mobile devices. This entails employing mobile-friendly ad formats, ensuring fast-loading pages, and crafting an overall seamless user experience. By aligning advertising strategies with the mobile-centric preferences of consumers, sellers can enhance engagement and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns in this evolving landscape. 

Key Announcement from the Event 

Announcements made during the first-ever Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit included:  

  • Expanding beyond its current markets in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., Walmart is set to launch a marketplace in Chile in early 2024. This move will allow eligible cross-border sellers to access and engage with the Chilean market through Walmart’s platform. 
  • Walmart is actively expanding its Brand Shops initiative, offering dedicated digital storefronts where brands can effortlessly create curated pages. Brands can utilize features like Brand Shelves to showcase curated assortments or experiment with seasonal collections. These tools aim to enhance discoverability and improve the overall customer experience on the platform. 
  • Fulfillment can often be one of the biggest challenges for any retailer. Walmart’s advanced supply chain is helping sellers reduce costs while providing customers convenience. Walmart blazed a trail in pickup and delivery, perfecting the systems and technology needed to provide a great customer experience. Now they’re bringing this expertise to sellers by standing up local pickup and delivery for sellers who have physical stores. Customers can pick up their items directly or have same-day delivery through our last-mile delivery network. This will lower sellers’ fulfillment costs, create new ways to convert sales and delight customers along the way. 

Check out the full recap here.  

Predictions for the Future of E-commerce 

Moving forward, Kyle foresees continued growth in e-commerce with a strong emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. This suggests a trend towards more environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices within the e-commerce industry. 

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Watch the full interview with Michael Mosser and Kyle McWhirter on LinkedIn.   

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