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Retail Dive: WSJ: Amazon tests private label pop-ups on product pages

A mobile pop-up ad experiment has come and gone at Amazon but it’s creating a stir nevertheless: The e-commerce giant recently experimented with mobile windows offering its private label products when customers looked at the product pages for certain, similar items, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Whatever Amazon wants to call a pop-up that displays product details as well as a purchase button, the short-lived experiment goes beyond the kind of side-by-side merchandising that has been the hallmark of “generic” or private label sales for eons, according to Melissa Burdick, president of e-commerce technology and services agency Pacvue, who previousy worked to build Amazon’s consumer packaged goods business launch and devise its early sales strategy.

After all, private label goods stand next to name goods on store shelves all the time. “Driving customers to a lower-priced private label option while physically next to a well-known brand is not new – this has been going on in brick & mortar since the introduction of private label and is how a lot of brands tend to respond when I ask them about their thoughts on Amazon private label efforts,” she said in an email to Retail Dive.

But she added that there are two issues with Amazon’s most recent efforts, starting with interrupting the buy box option and requiring dismissal of the pop-up in order to complete a purchase. “Actually removing the ability to buy until you do an action to me seems like it crosses an undefined line.”

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