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Consumer health company leveraged Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library and increased ROAS by 85%

How a consumer health company increased ROAS with Pacvue's Commerce Solution


A leading consumer health company needed a solution to optimize Amazon ads campaign performance. Specifically, it aimed to allocate spending to media-worthy ASINS while increasing ad sales, making their advertising strategies more efficient overall. It also sought to improve Conversion Rate (CVR), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Average Order Value (AOV) within 30 days. After implementing Pacvue’s Commerce Solution, the brand was able to increase ROAS by 85%.

The Solution

By implementing Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library, the brand was able to drive stronger advertising strategies and allocate spend more effectively, directing it toward retail-ready products using the 1P Buy Box rule and Weeks of Coverage rule.


Pacvue enabled the brand to spend more strategically, directing resources away from underperforming ASINs and towards retail-ready products with a higher potential for success. The data analysis focused specifically on ASINs impacted by the rules, showcasing the direct impact of Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library. 

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