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Using Advertising and Commerce Integration to Effectively Manage Brands

Managing the Amazon marketplace just got easier with Pacvue’s new Commerce Rule Library. In the past managing a brand and making analytical marketing decisions took hours, from downloading multiple inventory reports, to manually checking in on PDP pages to optimizing sales based on important key performance indicators (KPIs). Pacvue’s new Commerce Rule Library offers end-to-end marketplace management that simplifies your process and streamlines your standard operating procedure (SOP), which ends up saving you hours of manual work. Here are some ways you can make brand management easier and more metric-focused to help scale your business.

Control Advertising Spend

Now, you can make smarter decisions when creating an advertising budget. With Amazon marketplace being so competitive and cost-per-click prices (CPCs) being so high, it’s crucial to put ad spend where your return on investment is most beneficial. With Pacvue’s Rule Library, you can create rules to help you identify products with strong content scores to help you drive more advertising spend on products with stronger content scores and decrease where content still needs improvement. This cuts hours of manual input where you go through sheets and PDP pages grouping products that could be advertised. This makes advertising based on retail readiness much more efficient.

Impact of Buy Box

We all know how important it is for a seller or vendor to win the Buy Box on Amazon. That can be hard when multiple sellers are competing on one page, especially when you are spending advertising dollars on that product. The Pacvue Commerce Rule Library allows you to now create rules where you can target products where you win or lose the Buy Box a certain percentage of the time – you determine the threshold, giving you control. You can pause ads for those products where you lose the Buy Box often and increase advertising spend for those products where you win most of the time. No more manually scouring advertising reports or manually checking product detail pages (PDPs) to see Buy Box information. With Pacvue’s built-in Commerce Rule Library, you can have all you need at the tip of your fingers, saving you hours of researching.

Inventory Based Decisions

Amazon shows a preference for those that have enough inventory to support high-volume traffic. It’s key to organically and sponsored high-ranking products. The higher ranking you have the higher you show up on top of search results which directly impact sales. The Pacvue Rule Library allows you to create rules based on inventory levels to help you determine where you want to drive marketing spend to ensure your inventory can support the spend. Both work hand in hand and prior to the Commerce Rule Library, brands had to download multiple inventory reports to analyze data and make decisions based on findings. Pacvue’s new tool does all the hard work for you. Not only can they identify products with high inventory but can also then make advertising decisions based on the findings. This process would take us hours but now with a click of a button, you can drive impactful decisions.  

Synergy Between Advertising and Brand Decisions

In a fast-moving eCommerce environment where decisions need to be swift and fast, it’s crucial to stay up to date on all important changes. This is where communication between the Brand and Advertising teams becomes critical. The Pacvue Rule Library combines both aspects of the business into one rule, making it easier to make strategic decisions. You can create commerce rules that will help trigger advertising spend to efficiently spend your budget. Using real-time data, Pacvue Commerce can track important KPI’s to help you make strategic decisions to grow your business like one well-oiled machine.  

These are just some of the ways the Pacvue Commerce Rule Library can eliminate hours of manual work and help you make more data-driven actions. Amazon can be a daunting platform for any eCommerce seller and our tool takes that away allowing you to efficiently use your time on other aspects of the business. We have seen a tremendous impact on clients who have already utilized the new feature. Contact us now to learn how you can streamline your business more efficiently today.


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