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June 21 Weekly Retail Roundup

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in retail media can be tricky, but no need to worry. Pacvue is here to help with our Weekly Retail Roundup, keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments.

In this week’s edition of our Weekly Retail Roundup, we cover the top announcements from Cannes! Amazon Ads continues to expand its Gen AI tools, Instacart partners with YouTube Ads, and CVS Media Exchange deals with The Trade Desk. Meanwhile, Yahoo has developed its own full-stack-data-powered ad creative solution, Yahoo Creative, and Pacvue unveiled Copilot, your new advanced AI commerce companion.

Amazon Ads Continues to Expand Gen AI Tools with Image Generator

Amazon Ads continues to expand its impressive lineup of generative AI tools, with the latest addition being Image Generator. This new feature transforms the way advertisers develop their creative content by pulling insights from product descriptions and customer reviews to create ad-ready images.

As an Amazon Ads Partner, Pacvue was selected as a beta partner last fall and was among the first to integrate Image Generator into the platform.

Melissa Burdick, President and Co-Founder of Pacvue, highlighted the game-changing impact of Amazon’s Image Generator. “Pacvue has already seen that Amazon Ads advanced AI-powered tools eliminate creative barriers and enable increased ROI, a reduction in product costs, and faster multivariate testing for advertisers of all sizes.”

To learn more about Amazon Ad’s new suite of GenAI tools, click here.

Instacart Makes YouTube Ads Shoppable for CPG Brands

Instacart and YouTube have partnered to enhance shoppable advertising. Instacart will extend its first-party retail media data to YouTube, allowing select brands to convert viewers into customers directly through shoppable ads.

These ads will enable consumers to purchase products for same-day delivery via Instacart. The partnership builds on Instacart’s earlier collaboration with Google Shopping Ads, using Instacart’s retail media technology and fulfillment network to create instant shoppable experiences.

As the retail media space grows at a rapid rate, it is no surprise that Instacart is expanding at fast pace.

CVS Media Exchange and The Trade Desk Announce Partnership

CVS and The Trade Desk announced a partnership to help CVS Media Exchange launch its first self-serve advertising. The new offering will allow advertisers more ways to reach CVS ExtraCare shoppers across off-site channels, including programmatic display and ConnectedTV.

Yahoo Combines Data and Creative to Launch Yahoo Creative

Yahoo Advertising unveiled Yahoo Creative, a full-stack data-powered ad creative solution. In partnership with Innervate, Yahoo Creative will empower brands to take advantage of the unparalleled potential of creativity for their campaigns.

The solution is powered by opted-in direct consumer relationships, and a first-party data set of more than 205 million logged users and works across channels such as CTV, mobile, DOOH, display, and more.

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