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Accelerate Commerce Growth with Pacvue AI

Harness the power of advanced AI to supercharge your performance across advertising and commerce operations. From optimized campaign management to granular data analysis, Pacvue's AI innovations elevate your teams' commerce performance in seconds.

Exceed performance goals faster with Pacvue’s AI innovations

Leverage innovative features built on a diverse set of artificial intelligence models, like advanced machine learning, large LLMs, and generative AI. Layered across our advertising and commerce operations, Pacvue’s AI is more than just a buzzword.

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Work smarter and faster with Pacvue Copilot. Your personal AI eCommerce companion.

Surface insights and shortcuts in warp speed with Pacvue Copilot, an AI companion built on a large language model (LLM). Save time by asking questions in natural language to quickly pull insights and gain intelligent recommendations based on campaign goals. Little to no product knowledge is required.

  • Codeless Data Querying

    Find the data you need using search queries like, “Show me the top 10 campaign performances from last month sorted by sales.”

  • Insights by Command

    Gain insight on which campaigns to invest in by asking questions like, “Evaluate which campaigns to invest more in and which to scale back based on performance data.”

  • Intelligent Account Guidance

    AI-assisted learning enables quick action. Ask Copilot questions such as, “How can I prevent overspending for a profile?”

Ready to move fast? Introducing Pacvue Copilot

Create hyper-targeted, personalized creatives with Pacvue’s Generative AI

Accelerate campaign performance with custom product images generated by advanced AI technology. Take personalization to the next level without having to rely entirely on creative teams.

  • Effortless Customization

    Transform your prompts into multiple high-quality product images with AI-driven optimization. Ideal for scaling to hundreds of products.

  • Advanced Image Capabilities

    Fine-tune images to place your products in perfect settings and align them with your brand values.

  • Create Custom Micro-Season Content

    Quickly launch custom seasonal campaign and product images to drive increased conversion.

Optimize campaign management at scale with Campaign AI

Search and DSP campaigns can be set up with intelligent AI for teams who are short on time, but can’t sacrifice output. Instead of creating dozens (or hundreds) of automated rules, Campaign AI allows brands and agencies to manage budgets, keywords and bids all without having to set granular parameters.

  • Maintain Control to Drive Profitability

    Maintain control of every Add to Cart moment by monitoring the 3P ecosystem, price history, and rate of Buy Box ownership by brand, product, and seller.

  • Budget Pacing

    Control budget and pacing with just two layers of input needed: target ROAS and max bid. Pacvue’s intelligent AI will do the rest and ensure your campaigns have maximum impact with the minimum budget required.

  • Automated Keyword Harvesting

    Automatically identify high-performing keywords related to your brand, your category or your competitors and implement them in targeted campaigns, allowing you to improve your market share while saving a lot of time.

Quickly launch new products on Amazon with Product AI

Simplify the Amazon campaign setup process for specific ASINs and goals. Quickly launch and optimize campaigns for new or existing products to reduce manual effort and accelerate entry to market. Choose from different AI Strategies to focus your campaigns on efficiency, traffic or conversion so you can meet specific campaign goals, more effectively.

  • Automated Campaign Creation

    Auto-generate campaigns across Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display based on your chosen AI Model, facilitating targeted and broad advertising strategies.

  • Intelligent Keyword Harvesting

    Employ AI to select relevant keywords and PATs, allowing you to enhance ad targeting and performance.

  • Bid & Budget Management

    Optimize spend and improve ROI by utilizing AI to fine-tune bids and budgets.

Identify the exact data you need at the click of a button with AI Insights

Evolve the way your team generates insights from retailer data. Layer AI intelligence onto advanced advertising functionality, so your team can access insights when they need them most.

  • Understand Complex Data

    Get to the “so what” of your AMC data with the click of a button with our LLM integrated analysis.

  • Save Valuable Time

    Gain insight without the need for manual analysis saving your team time to focus on strategic tasks.

  • Improve Performance

    Uncover nuanced patterns allowing for dynamic strategies and improved performance.

NOTHING, a UK consumer electronics brand, achieved +64% sales improvement, a 15% reduction in spend, and gained a considerable number of New to Brand customers, after implementing Pacvue's platform.

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A leading consumer health company increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 250% after just 4 months of leveraging Pacvue's platform to direct spend toward retail-ready products using the 1P Buy Box rule and Weeks of Coverage rule

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