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How to Win with Amazon DSP Advertising Using Pacvue

Amazon DSP features a host of advertising options like high-quality graphics and video ads that aim at successfully converting your visitors into customers. The service allows you to buy display advertising and video ads that you can show across Amazon and its partnered properties with features, such as automated programmatic ad buying and advanced targeting. You can read one of our latest articles on the topic to get a full walk through the fundamentals of getting started with Amazon DSP advertising to build your programmatic display, video, dynamic, and other types of campaigns here.

Today, we’re going to focus on getting more out of your Amazon DSP management with an API connected platform like Pacvue that is equipped with many more enhanced features and functionalities available to sellers and brands to help them reach new audiences and scale their Amazon businesses.  

Below are some useful examples of why Pacvue is the leading platform to manage Amazon Advertising campaigns, especially when it comes to DSP optimization and campaign creation.

  • Pausing/replacing ASINs in ads that are not buy box sensitive/have low stock
  • Programmatic bid rules
  • Creative builder with recommendations
  • Advanced audience recommendations
  • Order, line item, and creative tagging 
  • Paid Search & DSP side by side comparison

Now, let’s dive into some of Pacvue for Amazon DSP advertising’s most effective features in detail.

Audience Research

This Pacvue for Amazon DSP tool helps users create the right custom audiences more efficiently and is made possible by integrating Helium 10 data into the Pacvue platform. Users can begin their audience creation using two inputs, ASINs or Keywords.  

The tool will:

  • Suggest audiences of various lookback windows based off the ASIN you input (Views, purchase, similar product views, searches)
  • Automatically curate a competitor list (Via Amazon Brand Analytics/Helium 10 data) to use for competitive audiences
  • Provide premade audience/strategy templates

Pacvue’s keyword audience creation tool will allow you to create these same competitor audiences based off the ASINs that show up for a keyword, according to Helium 10 data.

Audience Rules

Based on user feedback, Pacvue has now released a new rule to automatically harvest and remove audiences based on performance. This section is relatively like other rule set up pages except for the addition of manual rules. A “manual rule” allows users to review the proposed changes to the audiences before the changes are pushed through. This is very valuable for DSP audiences as it allows users to confirm that the harvested or removed audiences maintain their strategy.

Adding and removing audiences is a more time-consuming but essential task within DSP management. This rule is one of the most significant missing pieces, which allows advertisers to automate their DSP campaigns entirely. Think of this rule in a very similar way to keyword harvesting and negative targeting rules. This process is somewhat tricky within the Amazon native console and provides considerable efficiency improvement if done correctly.

DSP Super Wizard

Campaign creation is the hardest part of DSP. In the native console, it takes multiple steps and a lot of know-how. Pacvue’s DSP Super Wizard is powered with templates and customizable dashboards that make getting off the ground extremely easy, helping advertisers build robust strategies in minutes when it would typically take hours or days.  

The super wizard is designed to cover the broad strokes of what strategies advertisers may want to accomplish. Its best target audience is novice DSP advertisers looking to get started. The super wizard will help these types of clients get on their feet with ease with a coherent strategy.

AMC Dayparting Automation One-Click Apply  

Pacvue has rolled out its first Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) auto-apply: Dayparting for DSP!

  • Users can access this screen by clicking on the clock between the line-item name and state.  The last 14 days’ data is refreshed every day, and the dayparting is subsequently updated.
  • Users can also apply this function in bulks by selecting the line items they want to use, then selecting bulk operations, and then dayparting automation. No chart will populate, but the automation will be the same.

Dayparting automation is a valuable tool in improving campaign performance across DSP. Additionally, it serves as a unique way of making AMC more actionable for the end-user. This is Pacvue’s market-leading value proposition of taking AMC insights and making them immediately actionable. Check out one of our latest posts to learn more about how to use AMC to meet your DSP campaign goals.

DSP Creatives

Another exciting new development is that Pacvue has released a DSP Creatives tool. This is a huge step towards more efficient campaign creation for Pacvue users.

You can create two types of creatives:

  1. Static image (regular image, mobile O&O, and mobile AAP)
  2. REC (responsive eCommerce)

The creative setup process mirrors the process to make creatives on the native Amazon DSP console. Advertisers should have their static images ready if they would like to create image creatives.  

Bringing this workstream into Pacvue should save users time and allows the workflow to be solely in Pacvue.

Case Studies

A global consumer pet brand wanted to further develop their Amazon marketing advertising strategy using advanced targeting with Amazon DSP. The pet brand was missing out on driving repeat purchases from loyal customers, and unsure of where to invest incremental ad dollars to maximize conversions.

After three months, the pet brand generated impressions with DSP ads and discovered that there was a long tail of customers who view 3+ DSP ads before converting. The brand decided to increase its DSP budget and focus their efforts on remarketing.

The pet brand created an Amazon DSP advertising audience based on views of products related to the keywords bid on in Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns and targeted competitors’ audiences with Amazon DSP based on the products promoted in competitors’ SP campaigns. These DSP optimization efforts helped increase their brand royalty rate by 25%, their consideration to purchase rate by 27%, and boosted their DSP last interaction conversions by a whopping 163%.

In another case study, a leading home improvement and home safety brand needed to relaunch 14 of their top ASINs on Amazon, after they were pulled from the site due to offsite conflicts. These newly relaunched ASINs lost each product’s previously built relevancy and purchase history. So, the brand used Amazon DSP to quickly win back sales!  

The brand focused its DSP promotion strategy on relaunching ASINs over a period of one month to gain significant growth in glance views and order revenue. They used lifestyle and in-market targeting segments, with granular retargeting, and tracked performance across all of Amazon utilizing Pacvue’s advertising technology.

The results were impressive showing a 147% increase in glance views for the 14 relaunched products‍, an 81% increase in ordered revenue for those relaunched products, and an 11% increase in total conversion rate (CVR) for the full Amazon product catalog.

See Pacvue for Amazon in action today. Request a demo and we’ll walk you through Pacvue’s customizable dashboards, five levels of automation, retail data integration, Share of Voice reporting, and more!


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