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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon DSP

  • May 12, 2021
Learn the capabilities, optimization strategies, and best practices for Amazon DSP

Is your Amazon advertising limited to Looking for new ways to reach your audience, drive awareness, and improve targeting?  

With all the targeting options and creative freedom, Demand-Side Platform advertising through Amazon can seem daunting. Even if you are using Amazon DSP, you might not be taking full advantage.

Don’t miss out on any DSP opportunities! Download Pacvue’s new guide, “Everything You Need to Know About Amazon DSP,” for a full understanding of the ad and audience types available and best practices and strategies to fully take advantage of your ad placements.

Learn the Full Targeting Capabilities of Amazon DSP

With the ability to programmatically reach audience placements beyond, targeting your Amazon DSP campaigns is critical in this much larger ad exchange. Our guide provides outlines of the advanced reporting, audience insights, and targeting tools available to you. You’ll learn:

  • Types of Amazon DSP ad placements and 3rd party exchanges
  • How to target audiences based on customer behavior such as Amazon shopping interactions and pixel traffic
  • Using behavior, contextual, and demographic data to target Amazon audiences
  • Combining Amazon targeting with segments created from your data management platforms and existing customer databases

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Create a Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy

What are the goals of your Amazon ad campaigns? We’ll help you leverage Amazon DSP to create a full-funnel advertising strategy to achieve a number of objectives. Gain strategies and budgeting considerations for strategies such as:

  • Using retargeting to increase conversions
  • Running consideration ads to target in-market audiences and competitor’s audiences
  • Growing awareness through automated targeting and optimizing for page views
  • Encouraging repurchase and subscription through loyalty ads

Learn how to budget your various objectives and make sure all of your Amazon advertising campaigns are optimized to meet your specific goals.  

Best Practices from Thousands of Amazon DSP Campaigns

Pacvue works with businesses just like yours to help manage Amazon DSP campaigns and collects valuable data on which strategies produce the best ROAS. Our team uses this data and extensive eCommerce experience to provide best practices, frequently asked questions, and successful DSP strategies.

Download the full guide and:

  • DON’T ignore the most advanced reporting and audience insights available on Amazon
  • DO Increase brand awareness through targeted campaigns and custom creative
  • DON’T set your targeting and not measure and update based on what works
  • DO diversity your campaign with different ad types and targeting
  • DON’T miss out on this powerful resource!

It’s time to evaluate your current ad strategy to see if Amazon DSP is worth the investment. Using the complete guide to “Everything You Need to Know About Amazon DSP” you can easily find a strategy that aligns with your goals, target your specific audience, and be sure you are getting the most out of this valuable ad strategy.

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