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How Merkle improved Cisco’s ROAS on Amazon by 22%

How Merkle improved Cisco's ROAS on Amazon by 22%


Merkle, a global customer experience management company, used Pacvue to help Cisco, a networking hardware company optimize its ad strategy. Most importantly, Cisco aimed to increase ROAS across five markets (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy). 

The Solution 

Cisco needed a more efficient way to manage eCommerce campaigns across multiple markets. Using Pacvue’s keyword research, rule-based optimization, dayparting, and budget pacing tools, Merkle helped Cisco to increase ROAS on Amazon, and save time on optimizations. 

The Strategy 

  • Reduce bids during times and days when people aren’t buying the products, such as early morning hours or the weekend. 
  • Automatically negate irrelevant search terms triggered by generic keywords. 
  • Optimize keywords to boost revenue, reduce waste spend, and improve ACOS. 
  • Adjust the campaign budgets according to the campaign performance. 
  • Use Pacvue’s keyword research tool to identify additional keywords to expand the existing coverage. 

The Results 

  • United Kingdom: 73% increase in ROAS, 35% increase in orders. 
  • France: 85% increase in ROAS, 42% increase in orders. 
  • Germany: 5% increase in ROAS, 23% increase in orders. 
  • Spain: 33% increase in ROAS, 13% increase in orders. 
  • Italy: 20% increase in orders. 
  • Overall, both revenue and orders increased by 24%, and ROAS improved by 22%. 

“The Pacvue tool helped our business to use our budget more efficiently and to improve Sales and ROAS.” – Roberto Lisci, Global Marketplace Marketing Manager at Cisco. 

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