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Start Advertising on Best Buy with Pacvue

Pacvue is excited to begin supporting sponsored product ads on BestBuy.com via the Criteo Retail Media Platform. Pacvue’s advertising technology platform allows users to manage their Best Buy campaigns through programmatic bidding, analytics, and automation.    

Last year, Pacvue announced our partnership with Criteo, which enables Pacvue to support retail media advertising across a wide ecosystem of online retail channels. Marketers can tap into the retailers available via Criteo Retail Media, such as Best Buy, while continuing to manage their campaigns with the reporting, optimization, budget management, and analytics tools they have come to depend on from Pacvue.

BestBuy.com is the leading consumer electronics website, with total online revenue continuing to increase year-over-year. Best Buy’s omnichannel and fulfillment strategies allow the flexibility to adapt as consumers shift shopping preferences. With 70% of the US population living within 15 minutes of a Best Buy store, they expect to see continued success with its omnichannel approach.

Best Buy Sponsored Products

Sponsored product ads are available on BestBuy.com in native search and browse grid placements, and carousels on product detail pages, listing pages and the homepage. Its multiple placements offer opportunities to drive upper-funnel tactics like consideration, as well as lower-funnel conversion. With Pacvue for Criteo, marketers can choose which items they want to promote on BestBuy.com and the budget for their advertising campaigns. Pacvue’s Unified Retail Media dashboard compares performance across online marketplaces, so you can make smarter decisions about where to invest your ad dollars and uncover new opportunities for growth.

With Q4 right around the corner, now’s the time to build brand awareness, promote new products, and test ad campaigns on BestBuy.com to capture early learnings before the competitive holiday season. Request a demo to speak to our team and learn how to lower costs, grow share of voice, and increase sales.


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