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Q1 2023 Commerce Review: Key Takeaways and Trends

A New Era

As we close Q1 2023, we wanted to share the key updates, product releases, and positive changes from a busy three months. The start to 2023 was one of Pacvue’s most successful and transformative periods yet.

On Monday, March 27th, Pacvue launched the industry’s first Commerce Acceleration Platform to help brands optimize their omnichannel commerce strategy. Pacvue empowers businesses to discover the most impactful opportunities, activate sales growth, and streamline daily operations.

“As competition for the $45 billion retail media market heats up, one of its biggest players is expanding beyond advertising to stay on top,” said Business Insider.

The Pacvue family is also very proud to announce our bold new look. With a refreshed visual identity and a new tagline—”Maximize your commerce potential”—Pacvue remains committed to helping enterprise brands make moves that matter for their business.

Take a tour of our new website and learn more about the company here.

NIQ Partnership

NielsenIQ (now known as NIQ) and Pacvue have teamed up on NIQ’s Connect Partner Program. This critical partnership aims to help brands and retailers optimize their advertising campaigns and grow their online sales by combining NIQ’s retail measurement and Pacvue’s retail advertising technology.

The integration will also offer customers enhanced visibility into eCommerce performance metrics and enable better decision-making.

Learn more about what this means and why it matters for advertisers.

Conference Season Comin in HOT!

From Natural Products Expo West to Prosper Show and Shoptalk, the Pacvue Team has been on the ground talking with prospective clients, customers, partners and more this season and we’d love to talk to you, too. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with our latest developments!

Conference Season. The Pacvue Team at Shoptalk 2023.
The Pacvue Team at Shoptalk 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

Dive Deep into Commerce Expertise

At Pacvue, we value providing our users and folks in the industry with top-notch content to fuel and accelerate their businesses to the next level.

Unlock the Power of Automation

Learn how leading brands are leveraging customizable rules to automate their campaign budgets based on various factors such as stock levels, suppressed products, reviews, Buy Box ownership, and more. This not only helps brands maximize revenue protection and margin expansion but also saves teams valuable time and resources by automating repetitive tasks.

Download 10+ Ways to Improve Your Ads with Automations today and start implementing strategies that can streamline your advertising operations.

Expand Your Commerce Empire into European Markets

With retail media sales in Europe growing by 20% since 2021, Pacvue built a free guide to help brands uncover opportunities and market trends in European commerce.  

Download Pacvue’s Amazon Advertising in Europe: 2023 Guide to access actionable strategies to enhance Amazon ads across Europe.

Maximize Profits with the Ultimate Amazon FBA Inventory Management Planning Guide

Learn the essential steps for managing Amazon FBA inventory efficiently. Pacvue’s most insightful blog of 2023 covers topics such as:

  • Understanding Amazon’s storage fees
  • Setting inventory goals
  • Analyzing demand
  • Forecasting inventory needs
  • Optimizing product listings, and
  • Using software tools for inventory management.  

Read our latest guide to get valuable tips for preventing stockouts, reducing storage fees, and maximizing profits.

Cross-Border Commerce Opportunities

Looking to expand your horizons and start selling in Japan? We’ve got just the article and webinar recap video for you – uncover the power of Rakuten here.

Headed to the Digital Marketing Summit, the leading global marketing event in Korea?  

Be sure to catch Pacvue’s Head of APAC, Nate Shurilla, as he shares insightful retail media strategies for brands during his session.

Amazon Updates

Amazon released a ton of new features in Q1 including:

  • Amazon Creative Services
  • Bulksheets 2.0
  • Search Analytics with search catalog and query performance dashboards
  • Sales and Traffic Business Report
  • Personalized eCommerce Responsive Creative
  • Mobile App data now available in the Business Reports tool
  • Amazon DSP’s total conversion metrics
  • Custom attribution analysis in Amazon Marketing Cloud
  • Sponsored Display expanding bid recommendations to vCPM-based campaigns, and
  • Sponsored Display launching ad groups for vendors in the advertising console

Exciting News for Advertisers Using Amazon Marketing Cloud

AMC has launched a new Paid Feature (beta) feature enabling advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads on selected brick-and-mortar stores in the US, and gain insights into cross-channel shopping journeys and audience engagement patterns. The feature allows users to measure how long it takes after being exposed to an ADSP ad for a user to visit a physical store, offering valuable data to measure the off-Amazon impact of Amazon media.

Want to learn more about Amazon Marketing Cloud and how to leverage it for your business? Follow our Senior Product Development Manager, Jack Lindberg on LinkedIn to learn more about AMC, how you could leverage different features to accelerate your business, and more. You can also catch his latest appearance on Sammy Akthar’s ‘Rich Sellers Podcast’ giving a deep dive into AMC here.

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