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Pacvue XL 2.0 Expands Industry-First Excel Integration to Include Walmart, Instacart

Pacvue, the leading enterprise platform for brands, sellers, and agencies to manage eCommerce advertising, today announced the launch of Pacvue XL 2.0. This new update of Pacvue’s patent-pending Excel integration includes more advanced functionality and support across the Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart advertising marketplaces.

Pacvue XL was first released in July 2019 to Amazon advertisers a way to manage their campaigns directly in Excel, including bulk changes, without the need to export data or switch back and forth between applications.

The launch of Pacvue XL 2.0 extends this industry-first integration beyond Amazon to the Walmart and Instacart advertising platforms. Pacvue users will now be able to access the same data and campaign management capabilities in Excel as they can in the Pacvue interface. Many brands and agencies alike are already comfortable using Excel for analytics, and this native integration will help save hours of time every week by providing data where marketers are already working.

“Pacvue XL is incredible! I love that it is continually updated and optimized to match the web version,” said Tyler Beatty, digital marketing specialist at Bissell Homecare. “I can’t wait to delve into it more and optimize my usage and reporting.”

New features in Pacvue XL 2.0 also include:

  • Retail Data Integration: Bring retail data available in Pacvue directly into Excel for deeper analysis, including inventory forecasts, product listing health, repeat purchase behavior, and total sales.
  • Amazon DSP Reporting: Create dashboards and reports to analyze the performance of advertisers’ Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) display targeting campaigns.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Utilize Pacvue XL across Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.
DSP Performance Dashboard

By combining the depth of data available from Pacvue with the ability to make bulk campaign changes in an easy-to-use application like Excel, Pacvue XL helps marketers make data-driven decisions and take smart actions faster than they could processing the data manually.

“We are excited by this next iteration of our industry-first Excel integration,” said Melissa Burdick, president of Pacvue. “We consistently hear from eCommerce marketers how Pacvue XL makes their advertising work more efficient and more impactful. Expanding our offering across marketplaces and with a richer dataset will allow us to help even more brands and agencies take control of their advertising campaigns.”

Pacvue XL is available to all Pacvue customers with an active advertising account and can be accessed directly via the Microsoft Office AppStore as an Excel Add-In.


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