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Announcing Pacvue Commerce and Advertising Integration

Pacvue is excited to announce the integration of advertising and commerce solutions. Pacvue Advertising and Pacvue Commerce integration allows users who subscribe to both platforms to leverage automation alongside a library of 15+ rules that take datapoints available only in Commerce and utilize them in Advertising rules. Pacvue brands can utilize the only solution in the market that fully integrates Advertising and Commerce for Amazon—Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, and Commerce.  

Now, eCommerce teams can focus on a set of stackable variables to achieve custom goals while maintaining control of media placement and sales operations processes, such as:

ASIN Health: Control your advertising spend based on your product page content score and quality.

If the ASIN has a content score below 5 out of 10 —pause ads. ASINs with low content scores due to a lack of images, too few bullet points, a short title, etc., generally have low conversion rates as retailer’s organic and paid search algorithms take those elements into consideration.

Replenishment Status: Stop product ads based on Amazon replenishment status to prevent driving ad traffic to products that are being phased out.

If the ASIN replenishment status is changed to obsolete or non-replenishable, pause the ASIN in ads.

Inventory: Manage advertising spend based on your Amazon stock product volume to control product supply and demand.

When sellable units are 50% higher than the 30-day daily average, increase campaign budgets by 20%.

Reviews: Control your advertising spend based on your most recent product review score to avoid driving traffic to products with low conversion rates.

If your reviews over the past 14 days have been 3 stars or under, pause the ASIN. If you have a string of bad reviews, it is prudent to pause advertising until you identify the cause and address it.

Profitability: Prevent challenges caused by low Amazon product profitability and control your topline and bottom-line contribution/profit margin.

If profitability for Amazon is too low, pause ASINs. Amazon’s profitability is one of the critical factors for an ASIN’s eligibility in ads. If that falls too low, Amazon can take drastic measures, including revoking an ASIN’s ad eligibility or ceasing to order your products. Pausing that ASIN in ads can preemptively redistribute money towards ASINs less likely to encounter these issues.

“The Pacvue tool has managed to keep our team’s spend efficient and one step ahead of the competition. My team leveraged the tool to discover efficiencies in segment targeting that led to over 1,000 bps in ROAS improvement.”  -Steve Epstein, Director of eCommerce at Duracell

Why This Matters

Sales and Marketing Managers with access to both platforms, Pacvue Advertising and Pacvue Commerce for Amazon, can utilize automation with an array of rule sets and datapoints available and gain more control than ever to address issues and capitalize on strategies relating to Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, and Commerce activities.  

Contact us today to integrate your advertising with commerce to achieve custom goals while maintaining control of media placement and sales operations processes.


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