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Introducing the Most Innovative Ecommerce Forecasting Model

For any eCommerce sales manager, it’s essential to know your Amazon product consumption. An endless number of constantly occurring events influence consumption patterns: holidays, eCommerce events like Prime Day or Black Friday, promotions, coupons, and national media. To calculate with precision, you need to consider inventory, out-of-stock rate, best-seller rank, historical sales, planned media events, supply-chain challenges, and so many other variables. It can be nearly impossible to consider every input without the help of technology.

Pacvue has released a forecasting model that helps brands forecast consumption with precision. Pacvue’s model leverages machine learning across all relevant Amazon metrics, including multiple time frame run rates, seasonality, Buy Box ownership, predictive inventory, and more.

Brand teams will appreciate the ability to impact the forecast output with custom event creation, such as national marketing initiatives, anticipated supply challenges, innovation impact within the portfolio, or any other events that impact consumption. Pacvue’s model, integrated with a brand team’s portfolio expertise and consideration of future events, powers the most accurate forecasting model in the industry.

The Pacvue Commerce forecasting model enables brands to:

  • Minimize Amazon fines and chargeback penalties by improving purchase order fill rate accuracy.
  • Minimize manual forecasting management to focus on business strategy.
  • Improve safety stock needs by product and location.
  • Meet consumer demand with high precision, including fluctuations caused by media, supply, and other factors.
  • Maximize sales to Amazon.

Advertising, brand, eCommerce, retail, supply chain, and manufacturing teams, to name a few, will benefit from highly accurate product consumption forecasting. Most importantly, precise forecasting delivers improved profitability and sales for the business.

To put it simply, Pacvue does the tedious work, so you can focus on making important business decisions based on accurate forecasts. Imagine having extremely accurate Amazon consumption data that informs your strategy across business units. Top that with the ability to apply manual adjustments based on future events, giving the supply chain team proper purchasing signals. 

Maximize your forecasting accuracy to optimize your business operations. Improve revenue and profits. Minimize operational costs.

Interested in learning more about the Pacvue Commerce forecasting model? Request a demo today to see how the new feature allows brands to strengthen their supply chain management, save money on Amazon fines through improved PO Fill Rate, boost predictive capabilities for changes in market share, and provide enormous savings across the entire business.

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