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Staying Ahead: Winning Walmart with Paid Media

  • March 24, 2021
Gain Key Strategies for Walmart Sponsored Products and Future Paid Media Opportunities

Is Walmart a key part of your eCommerce advertising strategy?  

The retail giant quickly went from an online marketplace worth experimenting on to a vital necessity for brands looking to amplify their reach and gain market share. As their mobile app and see massive consumer growth, Walmart advertising continues to expand with new options and opportunities for advertisers.

Where should advertisers focus their ad spend with Walmart advertising? How does Walmart paid media differ from other eCommerce advertising platforms?

We’ve put together a helpful guide, “Staying Ahead: Winning Walmart with Paid Media.” Download the guide today to gain insights into Walmart’s paid media offerings and vital Walmart Sponsored Products benchmarks.

Download Pacvue’s Walmart advertising guide to learn about:

  • Walmart Paid Media Overview
  • New Features and Growth Opportunity in Walmart Advertising
  • Walmart Sponsored Product Benchmark Data
  • Need-to-Know Strategies for Sponsored Products

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Trends and KPIs from Pacvue’s Advertising Data

What cost-per-click can you expect for Walmart mobile ads? How should you diversify your ad spend across Walmart’s different ad placements?

Leverage first party data from Pacvue’s proprietary database which aggregates ad metrics from thousands of advertisers across every major product category to give you a complete view of Walmart advertising trends. Gain insights such as:

  • Average cost-per-click for Walmart Sponsored Product browse ads is $0.36
  • Advertisers devote 43.41% of their ad spend to search ads
  • Sponsored Product ads see the highest CVR from desktop visitors at 13.32%
  • Walmart+ members spend on average 90% more annually

One supplements brand saw their ROAS increase by 40% after adding Walmart Pickup and Delivery to their ad strategy.

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Learn How to Win Walmart Sponsored Product Placements

Walmart Sponsored Products have specific requirements and a different strategy than other online marketplaces. Don’t let a failure to understand Walmart’s unique rules and opportunities cost you Share of Voice.

Pacvue’s team of experts work directly with Walmart to get an inside look at what it takes to win Walmart Sponsored Product placements. Benefit from this insider experience to learn:

  • Preliminary requirements such as reviews, shipping options, and organic search results.
  • Launching new products with Buy Box Sponsored Products and brand amplifiers
  • Gaining market share by aligning content with key search terms and using search bid amplifiers
  • Driving repeat purchases with big multipliers for OPD placements  

New developments in Walmart advertising, such as Walmart Connect, Walmart+ and Walmart Pickup and Delivery show this platform is only growing in opportunities for advertisers. Get in now to establish your Share of Voice on this critical advertising platform.  

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