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Retail Media Flight Plan

  • August 4, 2021

For some, 2021 will be remembered as the year NASA landed the Perseverance rover on Mars and successfully conducted the first powered flight on another planet with the helicopter Ingenuity. Others may remember 2021 as the year the richest man in the world took an 11-minute trip to space. 🚀

You have more ambitious goals. For you, 2021 is the year you achieve new heights with retail media, launching campaigns to reach new customers, increase sales, and win your category across eCommerce marketplaces.

You’re ready to venture where no marketer has gone before.

In this eBook, learn the important fundamentals of retail media, how to make smart investments across channels, and tips to achieve escape velocity with your campaigns. Some people might say that the sky is the limit. But why stop at the sky when you could reach the stars.

Retail Media Flight Plan: Win the eCommerce Advertising Space Race

Navigate retail media advertising with eCommerce strategies for retail channels

As more online retailers grow in prominence, do you have a strategy for your retail media advertising? Even within Amazon there are dozens of ad types and options to navigate. How do you measure and invest your ad spend intelligently?

As the retail media landscape becomes more complex – and competition increases – you need an optimized eCommerce advertising strategy to reach new customers, increase sales, and win your category across all your eCommerce marketplaces.

Download Pacvue’s “Retail Media Flight Plan” to learn the important fundamentals of retail media, how to implement retail media measurement, strategies for making smart investments across retail channels, and optimizations for accelerating retail media campaigns.

Gain Expert Retail Media Strategies

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Increasing dominance of paid placements: With 70% of Amazon sales coming from page 1 of search results, you need to invest in both paid and organic search.
  • Importance of retail media measurement: New ad types, placements, and targeting capabilities are launching all the time. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to accurately measure success.
  • Choose KPIs based on goals: When measuring the success of your retail media, how you approach strategy and measurement depends on overall goals. If your goal is to gain Share of Voice, topline sales should be your main KPI. Market Share is the best KPI for defending share.
  • Test while CPCs are low: By targeting new retail media opportunities you can leverage first mover advantages before there is too much competition. Test & Learn at $.50 instead of $3 CPC.
  • Adjust strategies based on the Retail Media Flywheel: Understand how the journey from impressions to traffic, conversion, and sale influence your ad strategy. Optimizing traffic to landing pages requires a focus on search placement while maximizing conversion rates requires focusing on content and promotions.

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Implement Retail Media Measurement

What gets measured gets managed. Learn how to adjust your measurements and success metrics for specific retail media goals such as gaining Share of Voice and increasing ad efficiency. Our Retail Media Flight Plan includes tips for measuring and reporting, including:

  • Which KPIs to use for measuring success
  • Sale attribution differences and definitions
  • Measure where impressions are being served

Accelerate with the Right Retail Media Optimizations

Choose the right strategy for each stage of the retail media flywheel. Understanding and optimizing the entire buyer’s journey will help you maximize ad spend and accelerate your retail media success. Download the guide to learn how to:

  • Gain impressions with SKU selection and keyword segmentation
  • Grow traffic with search placement and day-parting
  • Improve conversion rates with promotions and content optimization
  • Increase sales by strengthening every part of the flywheel 

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