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2021 Cyber 5 CPC Report

  • December 7, 2021
Results from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In yet another year of rapid growth for eCommerce, Thanksgiving 2021 kicked off a unique Cyber 5 shopping weekend in the midst of long-running supply chain challenges, a return to in-store visits, and a holiday shopping season that is said to have begun far before the deal event, as early as October.  

But how did Amazon ad performance hold up compared to previous years?  

When we analyzed our advertisers’ Amazon performance data from Cyber 5 2021, we found that:

  • Advertisers continue to increase spend year-over-year for both Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands ads on Black Friday, though at a more modest growth rate than previous years.
  • Ad spend on Cyber Monday declined year-over-year for the first time for both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
  • CPCs increased earlier in the lead-in to Black Friday than previous years. Thanksgiving Day itself saw CPCs up 38% week-over-week for Sponsored Products.

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