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Use Walmart Rules Library to Reduce Manual Campaign Optimization

Identifying improvements and enhancing marketing campaigns is time-consuming but crucial. Now, advertisers can access an industry-first tool to streamline campaign improvements with intelligent automation.  

With Walmart Rules Library, advertisers can use retail and advertising insights to optimize campaigns and product pages.

  • Control ad budgets
  • Increase Share of Voice (SOV)
  • Pause campaigns based on low reviews and inventory
  • Use rule templates to automate actions and streamline the advertising process

Simplification at Your Fingertips

According to Insider Intelligence, Walmart is on track to hit 2.53 billion in ad revenue by the end of the year and almost 4 billion next year, leaving a significant opportunity for advertisers to increase campaign sales. Continuously optimizing campaigns is crucial. Automating campaign enhancements based on custom product goals increases efficiency while improving performance. Plus, it simplifies the overall campaign improvement process and requires very little hands-on keyboard work to manage daily campaigns.

Smart Automations for the Savy

Improving campaigns based on product goals just got easier with Walmart Rules Library. This advanced intelligent automation tool saves advertisers time with the ability to create custom rules or choose from a template library. Advertisers and marketing teams can create custom thresholds with triggers, ranging from increasing or decreasing bids, turning off campaigns, increasing budgets, and more.  

Examples of Work in Action

Marketing campaign management based on product availability is a breeze with Walmart Rules Library. Create an automated rule that increases the campaign budget by 20% and the targeting bid by 25% when the product availability percentage is high. You can even create an automated rule to reverse the increased ad spend when Weeks on Hand is less than or equal to 4 weeks.    

Effortlessly Pause SKUs with Poor Reviews

Create an automated rule to pause the SKU when product reviews are less than three stars. If you have a string of bad reviews, pausing campaigns helps identify and address the causes.

Manage Multiple Promotions with Less Keyboard Work

When running a promotion for a SKU, you can create an automated rule to increase the targeting bid by 25% and reverse it to the previous bid value when the promotion ends.    

Industry-First Product View

With a combination of retail and advertising insights, advertisers have more control over managing media accounts for the first time. Rules are customized based on their product’s needs. Instead of downloading multiple reports and analyzing endless data, Walmart Advertisers can now manage their entire account with smart automations driven by dynamic insights.  

Save time by automating your manual campaign enhancements based on your product goals.  

To learn more about Walmart Rules Library and how you can get started, contact Pacvue.

Pacvue's newly released Walmart Rules Library improves campaign performance in less time with powerful custom automations.


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