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Pacvue Ranked As No.1 Amazon Advertising Tool

Pacvue is honored to once again be ranked at the top of David Zimmerman’s comprehensive review of 40+ Amazon Advertising tools.

David Zimmerman is a veteran Amazon Advertising educator & instructor, he analyzed more than 40 tools that specialize in Amazon Advertising campaign management and automation. He ranked the tools for their breadth of marketplaces served, sophistication of automated bid management, keyword research capabilities, and more.

“There is hardly anything left to be wished for,” said David Zimmerman. “(Pacvue has) incredible automation features, incredible analytics and optimization features.”

Pacvue first achieved the # 1 rating in David’s inaugural review one year ago. Since then, Pacvue has continued to bring rich retail data together with advertising data in our platform, enabling marketers to make smarter decisions about their campaigns and automate with even more precision. We’ve also expanded to additional marketplaces, including Walmart, Instacart, Target, and more.

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