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Number one tool for Amazon Advertising according to David Zimmerman, PPC expert

Choosing the right Amazon PPC tool to manage your ad campaigns is a critical decision for retailers. While the growth in eCommerce makes it a critical channel for advertisers, it also means the Amazon PPC tool market is larger than ever.

David Zimmerman, Veteran Amazon Advertising Educator & Instructor, analyzed more than 40 tools that specialize in Amazon Advertising campaign management and automation. He ranked the tools for their breadth of marketplaces served, sophistication of automated bid management, keyword research capabilities, and more.

According to David Zimmerman, Pacvue is the number one tool for Amazon Advertising.

“The difference is quite extensive,” said David Zimmerman. “I did not expect any tool to have this many features already, and not just have them but actually really have advanced settings.”

The Amazon PPC management tools were ranked based on dozens of features and capabilities to create an unbiased, composite ranking. Key considerations that went into the rankings were pricing, marketplace integrations, campaign management and automation, automated bid management, PPC keyword management considering external data, basic analytics and manual optimization features.  

One category Pacvue ranked highest in was in custom rules. Pacvue provides more control with rule-based automation, customized reporting and dashboards, and custom rules for keyword bidding automation and PPC keyword management.

Dayparting, target harvesting, and reporting were also categories that helped Pacvue stand out in the Amazon PPC tool rankings. Target harvesting and customized dashboards that bring all ad data together help inform more intelligent campaign optimization. With actionable retail data, you can adjust bids and ads based on inventory levels, and measure total ASIN-level performance.

These campaign tune-ups are assisted by Pacvue recommendations and AI automation. Meanwhile, daypart bidding, out-of-budget tracking, and budget pacing all provide more control over campaigns and budgets.

“Really, there aren’t many things that Pacvue is not already capable of doing,” Zimmerman added.  

You can watch the full Amazon PPC Tools Overview Video here.  

In addition to ranking individual Amazon PPC tools, Zimmerman discusses the importance of choosing the right tool for your advertising. Amazon’s API will not give you more than 60 days of historical data no matter what software you end up with. Since switching tools leads to a potential loss of valuable ad data, choosing the right Amazon PPC tool is even more critical.

As Pacvue continues to work closely with Amazon and our advertising partners, we are continuously optimizing our platform with new features, more intelligent recommendations, and more robust and customizable reporting.

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