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Pacvue Presents at the Digital Transformers Summit 2019

Pacvue President Melissa Burdock to Host Panel on How to Advertise for Maximum Impact on Amazon

On June 5th and 6th, over 400 digital commerce executives will flock to Boston for Salsify’s annual Digital Transformers Summit. An eCommerce event uniquely designed for brand manufacturers only, the Summit will focus on the biggest commerce opportunities and digital solutions that are shaping the industry in 2019, presented by top industry leaders from around the world.

The Digital Transformers Summit 2019 will take place over two days at Westin Copley Place in Boston, each day focusing on a specific stream. June 5th is Customer Workshop Day, featuring workshops and roundtables by Salsify customers mastering digital commerce in their organizations. Attendees will learn from their peers about building a robust data pipeline and optimizing business processes and systems to keep track with customer needs and market dynamics.

June 6th is Industry Day, focused exclusively on commerce opportunities for brand manufacturers. Leading eCommerce thought leaders from the world’s largest brands, innovative start-ups, the top agencies, as well as commerce visionaries and Forrester analysts will share their strategies about how to take action in the present and prepare for the future. Attendees will network with and learn from the best and leave Boston having become a part of the Transformers community.

Pacvue’s founder and president Melissa Burdick will be presenting a discussion on how to advertise for maximum impact on Amazon. On the panel, she will be joined by Dan Spindler of global life sciences company Sanofi, Kerry Curran of digital marketing agency Catalyst and Maca Herrera of consumer health and hygiene brand RB.

Today, 74% of consumers go to Amazon when they are ready to buy something, so it’s no coincidence that Amazon now ranks as the #3 digital advertising platform in the U.S. and growing. From February 2018 to February 2019, Amazon’s ad revenue increased by almost 35%, earning a place at the table alongside Google and Facebook.

This trend confirms Amazon’s importance as a marketing platform – and consumer behavior backs this up. In Salsify’s 2018 Consumer Research Report, a majority of shoppers chose Amazon as the source of “the most useful product information”, almost double the number that chose Google and more than three times as many as trusted the brand’s own website. Following up on this in the 2019 Consumer Research Report, Salsify found that online shoppers are increasingly willing to buy from unknown brands on Amazon – as long as the marketing is on point.

Given these trends, Amazon is capitalizing on becoming the top destination for consumer’s product searches, and brands need to capitalize on this as well. Melissa will lead a session with brand leaders and agency experts to explore their differing approaches to the opportunities and challenges of advertising on the world’s largest online marketplace. During the discussion, the panelists will discuss the importance of ongoing investment in Amazon advertising, the funding and budgeting of campaigns, and how to paint a complete picture of the ROI.

Summit attendees can attend the Advertising on Amazon for Maximum Impact panel on Thursday, June 6, 2019, 11:45AM – 12:15PM.

“It’s a dynamic time for commerce. Brands and advertisers need to hold themselves to a higher standard than ever before, or risk being left behind. That’s why a conference exclusively focused on sharing knowledge and skills with brand representatives is so important. They’ve brought together an impressive lineup of industry leaders and analysts for the Digital Transformers Summit and I’m excited to share my experience in Amazon advertising at Melissa Burdick’s round table in Boston.”
Daniel Spindler, Director of Amazon at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Melissa Burdick is the President and co-founder of Pacvue, a leading eCommerce SaaS platform that empowers brands, sellers, and agencies to programmatically manage and optimize their advertising on Amazon. Prior to co-founding Pacvue, Ms. Burdick joined the Amazon Advertising business at inception. There, she launched the first vendor display ad, created eCommerce ads, custom marketing programs for brands and sponsorships that monetized Amazon’s programs such as Family, Student, Prime, Studios and Fresh. She was also a driving force behind the launch of the Consumer Packaged Goods retail business on


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