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Pacvue Launches Commerce XL to Enable Brands to Have More Ease and Functionality with Their Data

Pacvue is proud to announce the availability of Pacvue Commerce XL. The new feature will allow brands using Pacvue Commerce to automatically bring their eCommerce data directly into Excel, to more easily leverage data sets across sales, inventory, content, advertising, and other digital shelf data.

Pacvue’s patent-pending Excel integration currently supports Amazon commerce management, with additional retailers planned for 2023. Pacvue Commerce XL allows brands to work the way they choose, ultimately giving them more control and the ability to combine Pacvue Commerce data with other datasets directly in Excel.

Pacvue brings its industry-first, patent-pending Excel integration to Pacvue Commerce.

“We are delighted to bring our industry-first Excel integration to Pacvue Commerce,” said Melissa Burdick, co-founder and president of Pacvue. “We consistently hear from eCommerce teams on how Pacvue Commerce is helping provide a more holistic view of their eCommerce data. Many of these professionals are using Excel to manage their data sets. This new Excel Add-in will make it even easier for brands and agencies to manage all their eCommerce efforts, allowing our customers to work however they prefer with their data.”

With the integration, commerce professionals can:

  • Use Excel formulas to manipulate data faster
  • Combine datasets and make bulk changes, without downloading reports
  • Customize data visualization with Excel pivot tables and charts

Pacvue Commerce is the total eCommerce solution enabling brands to grow their business across online marketplaces. It brings sales, inventory, content, advertising, and other digital shelf data together into a single software solution.

Pacvue Commerce goes beyond reporting to provide recommendations, alerts, and actions, so brands can make smarter decisions about where and when to launch new products, how much to invest in retail media, avoid pitfalls around inventory, profitability, and Lost Buy Box and ultimately optimize the digital shelf to maximize sales.

Read the full press release here.

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