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New Paid Search Audit Tool in Pacvue

Pacvue’s new Paid Search Audit tool is now live inside the Pacvue Advertising platform! This audit can be run portfolio-wide against a target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) or Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS). It is also useful if you do not have a target in mind, as the tool will suggest the campaign average.

Pacvue users can now find the Paid Search Audit listed under the Optimization Tab (as seen below).

Pacvue Paid Search Audit tool screenshot

The output is an overview of your current account with recommendations for:

  • Campaigns
  • ASINs to pause
  • Increase ad spend or consider advertising
  • Keyword bidding
  • Negative targeting

Each suggestion can be auto applied from within this view, including rejecting some of the recommendations.

Why This Matters

Pacvue’s Paid Search Audit tool allows account managers to reset or improve their entire account structure with the help of recommendations. This tool can help various stakeholders across organizations. For brands, this is a critical new tool for retail media and eCommerce marketing managers to harness and boost ROAS. At agencies, this tool empowers Search or eCommerce associates with vital account audit information and recommendations to use during agency pitches with upper management.

Interested in unleashing the power of Pacvue for your brand or agency? Request a free demo today to see how recommendations from Paid Search Audit can be easily applied in Pacvue’s flexible campaign automation tools.

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